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Claim Audits – esMD

Government recovery audits are a growing concern that can take time and attention away from your practice. Vyne Medical helps providers respond quickly and securely to time sensitive RAC, MAC, CERT, PERM and ZPIC audits through our participation in the CMS electronic submission of medical documentation (esMD) program.

As the #1 certified Health Information Handler (HIH), Vyne Medical electronically delivers and tracks patient medical records for healthcare providers through CONNECT gateway standards. CONNECT, open source health information exchange software, is the National Health Information Network’s (NwHIN) transmission mode for esMD. Our CONNECT gateway gives providers an on-ramp to submit secure electronic documentation to CMS and approved contractors with tracking to ensure records are received within the specified deadline.

We take the pain out of responding to CMS audits with FastAttach®. Find out how you can get started with esMD at: 888-329-9988.

FastAttach is a desktop software application that’s compatible with all practice management systems, electronic health records and health information systems. The software enables providers to create an electronic envelope containing all requested medical documents needed for RAC and MAC claims and audit reviews. Providers can easily import documents using a variety of acquisition methods including:

• Scanned images
• Print capture
• Screen capture
• Direct upload
• File import
• Secure mobile device capture through FastKapture
• Accepts and converts all file types

Once the documentation is submitted, Vyne Medical routes it to the appropriate Medicare Review Contractor through the esMD CONNECT gateway.

FastAttach adheres to the Security and Privacy Requirements of HIPAA to ensure that PHI is exchanged over a secure standardized NwHIN connection. By providing an electronic solution that is both secure and readily accessible, Vyne Medical offers a means by which protected health data can be shared in a way that saves time, reduces cost and eliminates waste. Vyne Medical addresses the challenges of costs and time delays associated with the retrieval and transmission of medical documentation.

• More than 1 million exchange transactions a month

Get started with esMD by calling: 888-329-9988.