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Hospitals and Health Systems

Receiving and responding to medical record requests continue to be one of the main contributors to lengthy claim processing delays and denials for providers.

Health plan requests for supporting documentation can delay the processing pre and post-payment review up to 45 days on average. FastAttach® efficiently and securely captures, transmits and stores electronic medical records to any intended recipient. Hospitals, ambulatory care centers, surgery centers, home health agencies and long term care facilities experience significant improvements in their revenue cycles by using FastAttach for their medical documentation exchange.

It is estimated that hospitals spend $20 to $30 per document submission to respond to a health plan’s request for supporting documentation. When using FastAttach your facility can save thousands of dollars, and reduce your processing time on claims by 60%. FastAttach simplifies the task of electronic document management and improves processes by enabling hospitals to securely capture, transmit supporting documentation for medical review.

FastAttach is a secure, compliant method of document transfer. The solution requires minimal time and training to implement and through our channel partner relationships we are able to offer integrated services with some hospital information systems, document imaging systems, electronic medical record solutions, revenue cycle management systems, and clearinghouses.

Hospitals and Health Systems can:

  • Increase productivity (less phone time spent tracking status of mailed or faxed claims)
  • Reduce denials
  • Receive faster payments
  • Access a record of every employee who viewed the attachment
  • Have real time follow-up on claims with attachments

FastAttach allows you to transmit solicited and unsolicited documents to Vyne Medical’s Information Exchange Engine for all participating health plans to view. FastAttach is a Windows-based software application that is compatible with all hospital information systems and document imaging systems.

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