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Fax Elimination or Evolution?


Fax Solutions: Fax Elimination or Evolution? Facsimile technology is as old as the hills. The first U.S. patent related to fax was issued in the 1800s. There are multiple steps and components related to historic and current fax processes in businesses around the world. Yet most of the people who talk about “fax elimination” either […]


Data Capture Tech Improves Revenue Cycle Management


Healthcare Finance News recently published an article on revenue cycle management featuring Texas Health Resources and how they use technology to help capture each step of the patient encounter. That technology – namely the Trace® solution from Vyne Medical – provides the following important benefits that Texas Health Resources along with hundreds of other innovative […]


Today’s Interoperability Challenges


Near-Term Solutions for Data Exchange and Security Challenges More than $29 billion has been spent so far to promote the use of electronic health records, but the industry’s progress toward interoperability remains slow. Even though many doctors and hospitals have adopted EHRs to capture patient information electronically, only a small percentage are able to routinely […]