Trace Voice Solution Integration in the Epic App Orchard

Vyne Medical and our Trace® solution are dedicated to helping hospitals and health systems capture and share information to ensure a more complete patient record, create workflow efficiencies and recover lost revenue. We are committed to ongoing innovation and are always considering opportunities to drive additional client value.

The newest addition to the Trace portfolio is a tool that facilitates indexing and integration of voice data into Epic’s electronic health record (EHR). Trace Voice Indexing and Integration tools are now available in Epic’s App Orchard, where third-party apps are listed for review and selection by existing Epic customers.

Hospitals that use Epic as their EHR and Trace as their voice recording platform can leverage the app to quickly and easily capture patient, payer and team interactions. Once captured, voice recordings are then seamlessly mapped to the appropriate patient record; helping to ensure proper payment, optimal care, communication best practices, and staff alignment. By integrating this functionality, we’ve created a more unified experience and refined user workflow.

This new integration was developed in response to a trio of the most common questions hospitals ask us: Does Trace interface with the EHR? How can Trace help our patients? How will Trace save our team time or money? What follows are the answers to these important questions.

Electronic health record (EHR) integration

Everything we do is meant to connect disconnected data. There isn’t a day that goes by when our teams aren’t integrating with other applications, connecting with third-party software, or exchanging information with electronic health record providers. These seamless integrations help reduce user effort, improve data quality, and quite literally connect disconnected data.

By launching Trace in the App Orchard, we are able to provide improved integration features. The functionality described in the App Orchard enables users to index voice data to the patient record while automatically pausing audio recordings when sensitive information like credit cards or social security numbers are being discussed. This new integration represents a significant process improvement designed to complement existing Epic workflows and help maximize a hospital’s EHR investment.

A patient-centric solution

We built Trace around the patient journey. By indexing communication events like phone calls, faxes, face to face conversations, and emails directly to the patient record, clients using Trace can create a more complete view of the patient experience within a single platform. When a patient walks through the doors of a hospital for treatment, the last thing they want to hear is that their insurance payment is denied. Who takes on that burden? The hospital? The insurance provider? The patient? With Trace, each piece of supporting documentation is tracked and recorded in the patient record, arming the hospital with everything it needs to help overturn an insurance denial and to get the patient the care they need.

Time and cost savings

Trace automates and optimizes workflows between departments. Teams save valuable time by eliminating manual processes, avoiding rework, and no longer chasing down paper documentation. In turn, hospitals save money by recovering lost revenue, overturning denials, improving POS collections, driving down AR days, and tracking QA best practices across teams all within one platform.

Our commitment to continuous improvement

“We are committed to continually enhancing the Trace platform to help solve the key problems confronting healthcare providers,” said Tim Hoskins, Senior Director, Client Services at Vyne Medical. “Our core focus centers on automating workflows and integrating with other solutions to create a seamless work queue process. To that end, we are excited to announce the launch of our first Epic App Orchard solution, which allows our clients to experience tangible outcomes in terms of improved processes and workflows.”

Learn more and get started

Why do hospitals using Epic partner with Vyne Medical for revenue cycle and patient access solutions? Learn more by visiting our listing in the App Orchard to quickly and easily put this integrated solution to work for you. Contact us to schedule a call with one of our Vyne Medical healthcare solution experts today.



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