Case Study

Montana Pediatrics Leverages Refyne Connected Care in Remote Native American Community

Montana Pediatrics is a collaborative of practicing pediatricians working together to give Montana families access to high quality, locally-informed pediatric care. To effectively reach and care for children across the state, Montana Pediatrics implemented Refyne Connected Care™ from Vyne Medical.

Designed by pediatricians for pediatricians, Refyne Connected Care helps solve the daily challenges of care collaboration among patients and care teams. The provider- driven, patient-centered platform provides a virtual space for physicians, patients and families to collaborate in care planning and delivery.

Community-Based Healthcare in Remote Tribal Areas

Montana Pediatrics leverages the Refyne Connected Care platform to facilitate care collaboration among clinicians who provide healthcare services at local school- based health centers. These programs are designed to make quality care accessible to remote communities, providing care for children and parents in locations that are safe, familiar and convenient for families.

Montana Pediatrics staffs six school-based health clinics in partnership with an isolated Native American reservation located in northeastern Montana. Physicians
– some located hundreds of miles from the reservation – are virtually embedded in the program, partnering with on-site nurses who help to ensure that remote medical advice is relevant and useful in the local context.

“This model helps close the gap in access to care for children, improve the lives of Montana’s pediatric providers, and support the local patient-doctor relationship,” said Chelsea Bodnar, MD, MPhil, with Montana Pediatrics.

Physicians use Refyne Connected Care’s telemedicine and shared care plan functionality during patient visits, while on-site nurses facilitate connectivity to external carts to record patient vitals. By combining remote and on-site care delivery, physicians are able to eliminate barriers to care, reducing healthcare disparities and improving the overall health and well-being of residents.

Working closely with the tribal health program, Montana Pediatrics continues to connect with residents to better understand, anticipate and respond to their healthcare needs. The group is committed to building systems of remote care that support and engage local Native American communities like this, establishing continuity across the spectrum of care.

Refyne Connected Care Functionality

Much more than a telemedicine platform, Refyne Connected Care gives providers comprehensive access to information needed during or after office hours, in
the same medical group or beyond. Intuitive workflows help facilitate process compliance, provider handoffs and care best practices.

  • Virtual walk-in visits and scheduled appointments for patients, parents, and caregivers
  • Shared care plans to coordinate care among providers within or outside of the organization
  • Single, unified solution to organize multiple facets of patient care delivery
  • User-friendly telemedicine tool to manage provider, patient, and caregiver communications
  • Remote care options offered through local school-based health clinics
  • After-hours/urgent care visit information incorporated for follow-up

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