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Fax Evolution Drives Ongoing Advancements in Healthcare Communication


Background Vyne develops technologies that streamline healthcare communication and the exchange of information. Helping to manage all types of structured and unstructured data, including voice, fax and image files via a centralized platform, Vyne Medical enables hospitals and medical providers to improve financial performance, service levels, team collaboration, and ultimately, patient care. Vyne’s Trace® platform offers […]

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Fax Elimination or Evolution?


Fax Solutions: Fax Elimination or Evolution? Facsimile technology is as old as the hills. The first U.S. patent related to fax was issued in the 1800s. There are multiple steps and components related to historic and current fax processes in businesses around the world. Yet most of the people who talk about “fax elimination” either […]

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The Whole New World of Digital Fax


At Vyne Medical, we know fax. Our solutions are used to process millions of fax pages annually for hundreds of hospitals across the country. But as we enter a new decade, we are thinking about fax in a new way. Fax is no longer the grainy, illegible image delivered slowly across a phone line to […]

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The Road to Fax Evolution in Healthcare


In our latest webinar, Going Digital: How to Securely Exchange Data without Fax Machines, thought leaders from Vyne Medical and Moffitt Cancer Center shared practical steps to end faxing and replace it with digital solutions for better efficiency, security and data integration. During the webinar, we surveyed 100+ hospital executives nationwide on where they stand […]

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Going Digital: How to Securely Exchange Data without Fax Machines


PRESENTED BY: Scott Overholt, Chief Development Officer, Vyne Medical Lynne Hildreth, Director of Patient Access, Moffitt Cancer Center Derek Morgan, Senior Director of Business Development, Vyne Medical Thought leaders from Vyne Medical and Moffitt Cancer Center share practical steps to end faxing and replace it with digital solutions for better efficiency, security and data integration. […]

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Transforming Health: The results are in!


In a recent NAHAM webinar, over 300 Directors, Managers & Supervisors in patient access and revenue cycle were surveyed on how they are transforming health through information and technology in their health systems. Survey results show improving upfront collections as a top priority for hospitals this year. Many of those surveyed are leveraging technology including communication management solutions to […]

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The History of the Fax Machine


Though fax machines were invented to send documents quickly and securely, it is no longer the fastest form of delivery. A fax takes about a minute for each page to be transmitted to its destination on a phone line while alternative technology that sends information digitally is sent instantly to the recipient. Additionally, there are […]

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In the News: Fax Elimination


As you’ve probably heard by now, many health providers have been buzzin’ about fax elimination. After CMS Administrator Seema Verma announced her plans to end the life of the fax machines in healthcare by 2020, it’s one of the biggest topics of conversation. If you aren’t familiar, below are some resources to get you up […]

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It’s 2019, are you still faxing?


In a world gone digital, faxing has faded from nearly every industry, except one in particular: healthcare. According to this article released earlier this year, 75% of communication in medicine is by fax. The Obama Administration was successful at converting hospitals to electronic medical records, but these internal systems created a problem: communication with other […]