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How COVID-19 Launched Mercy Medical Center’s Work-From-Home Program


Mercy Medical Center’s Insurance Verification department has been using the Trace® platform to document voice, fax and electronic exchanges with the hospital’s payers for nearly 20 years. While the hospital had considered Vyne Medical’s work-from-home solutions prior to COVID-19, the pandemic accelerated these plans and made the move to a remote workforce a top priority. […]

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Vyne Medical’s Work-from-Home Solutions Presented at the Academy of Healthcare Communication Virtual Forum


Dunwoody, GA (June 29, 2020) – Vyne Medical recently participated in 2020 ACH Healthcare Communication Virtual Research Forum. Hosted June 26-27 by the Academy of Communication in Healthcare, the online event gathered researchers, educators, clinicians, patient advocates, administrators, and others committed to improving communication in healthcare. Vyne Medical supports ACH’s mission by delivering technology that […]

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How a Work-From-Home Program is Proving Valuable in Response to COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic is having a wide-ranging impact on the world, on the economy and on the healthcare system. Many hospitals are responding by enabling certain roles like patient access and case management personnel to work remotely – keeping employees healthy, productive and connected as they manage the influx of those needing care. Vyne Medical […]

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Essential Work-From-Home Solutions for Healthcare Employees in Response to COVID-19


Work-From-Home Solutions Webinar In this era of social distancing and optimizing hospital space, non-patient facing roles are increasingly transitioning to a work-from-home model. The Trace® solution from Vyne Medical can help teams create, access and share sensitive information like voice recording and digital faxes. Our panel of subject matter experts along with Lynne Hildreth, Director […]

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4 Steps to Implementing a Work-From-Home Program in Your Hospital


Work-From-Home Program in Your Hospital Is your hospital sending non-patient-facing employees home to work remotely in response to COVID-19? Roles that are typically considered include employees working in patient access, case management, billing, customer support, and others. At Vyne Medical, we have solutions that can help. If you are ready to move your team(s) out […]

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Navigate COVID-19 Using Trace Work-From-Home Functionality


Trace work-from-home solutions for healthcare system professionals in response to COVID-19 As COVID-19 spreads across the nation, it’s at the forefront of our newsfeeds, minds, and inboxes. The pandemic’s implications continue to affect communities and industries across the country and around the world. While most industries have slowed their operations, healthcare organizations have experienced an […]

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Using Technology to Improve Productivity and Employee Satisfaction


The rapid growth of technology is changing nearly every facet of the way we live and work, including the way healthcare is accessed and delivered.   Telehealth is also growing rapidly as more and more healthcare providers discover new ways to connect with coworkers and patients remotely. Healthcare IT facilitates the secure and efficient exchange […]

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HIMSS Revenue Cycle Summit: Establishing a Virtual Revenue Cycle


One of the latest trends in healthcare is the creation of a virtual workforce, particularly in the finance departments.  Hospitals and health systems that already have work-from-home programs are seeing positive results including increased productivity and employee satisfaction as a result of moving to a remote environment. The Cleveland Clinic is using remote staff for […]

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5 Myths about Having a Virtual Revenue Cycle


In our conversations with revenue cycle management across the country, we’ve heard all the myths that hold you back from reaping the benefits of a virtual revenue cycle. On the other hand, we’ve also seen the successes. Click below to read the infographic to learn fact from fiction and find out how you can make […]

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