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Using Technology to Improve Productivity and Employee Satisfaction


The rapid growth of technology is changing nearly every facet of the way we live and work, including the way healthcare is accessed and delivered.   Telehealth is also growing rapidly as more and more healthcare providers discover new ways to connect with coworkers and patients remotely. Healthcare IT facilitates the secure and efficient exchange […]

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HIMSS Revenue Cycle Summit: Establishing a Virtual Revenue Cycle


One of the latest trends in healthcare is the creation of a virtual workforce, particularly in the finance departments.  Hospitals and health systems that already have work-from-home programs are seeing positive results including increased productivity and employee satisfaction as a result of moving to a remote environment. The Cleveland Clinic is using remote staff for […]

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5 Myths about Having a Virtual Revenue Cycle


In our conversations with revenue cycle management across the country, we’ve heard all the myths that hold you back from reaping the benefits of a virtual revenue cycle. On the other hand, we’ve also seen the successes. Read the infographic below to learn fact from fiction and find out how you can make work-from-home a […]

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Questions Answered: The How To’s of Working from Home


Answers to common questions when establishing a remote workforce. What else do you want to know about working from home? During last week’s webinar, Texas Health Resources provided a wealth of information on managing a virtual work program. Questions flowed in, addressing key points that are important to anyone in the revenue cycle trying to […]

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Work-from-Home Series


Watch this three-part webinar series to learn how your organization can take steps to improve patient access. New trends are emerging across the country in Patient Access. Following the trends of other industry leaders, Patient Access experts are learning the value of an at home workforce. The drivers behind this shift range from employee satisfaction […]

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Moffitt Cancer Center’s Work-from-Home Criteria


An important piece of a successful work-from-home program is establishing criteria that clearly define requirements for program eligibility and participation. Consider factors such as employee tenure, office set-up and technology needs. Incorporate criteria into telework agreements, and ensure that remote employees have a full understanding of all requirements. For an example of work-from-home criteria established […]

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Work-from-Home Online Toolkit


Tools and resources to help healthcare organizations initiate or expand telework options for employees. Are You Ready for Work-from-Home? Take this quiz to see if your organization/department could benefit from a work-from-home program. Take the Quiz Telework Criteria and Surveys View 10 criteria employees must meet to be eligible to work from home. Survey your […]

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Work from Home: Moffitt Cancer Center


Tampa, Florida Key Drivers: Attracting and Retaining Employees Moffitt Cancer Center has had a work-from-home program in place for several years, but until recently it was available only narrowly to non patient-facing roles due to the logistical and technical hurdles it presented. But with the launch of a new program in Patient Access, 20 of […]

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Work from Home: Mayo Clinic


Arizona and Florida Key Drivers: Space, Employee Retention Mayo Clinic began its work-from-home program in Patient Access in 2011. Other positions such as care managers and clinical documentation specialists were already working from home at the time, but the Clinic had not yet expanded the model to pre-service functions. Patient Access initiated the program in […]

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Work from Home: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia Key Drivers: Attract qualified job candidates, Alleviate space issues, Incentive for employees With three hospitals and 27 neighborhood locations, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is one of the nation’s largest pediatric clinical care providers. The health system has had a work-from-home program in place in Patient Access for nearly 10 years. Leaders launched the […]