FastAttach FAQ's

Below are the answers to several frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact Support at: 888.329.9988 and select option 3.

How do I reset my password?

On the FastAttach® login page, click the red “Forgot Password?” link. This will display the Forgot Password web page. Enter your Facility ID Number and your user name. Please note that all fields are case sensitive. Click the Next button. When prompted, enter the answer to the security question chosen for your user name. Once this has been entered, you can confirm that your fax number is correct. Press Reset Password. The system will automatically fax you a temporary password. Then, log in with the new temporary password. You will be prompted to change the password. New passwords must be at least 8 characters or more, and must be a combination of letters and numbers.

Where do I find my facility ID number?

If you are logged into FastAttach®, your Facility ID appears at the top of the window. The format is M123456A.

As long as you have logged into FastAttach® on your current workstation at least once, you can also find your Facility ID stored on your computer by going to C:\Program Files (x86)\Fast Attach\MEA\DataFiles and opening the facilities.txt file.

Is my user name and password case-sensitive?

Yes, all fields in the Login screen are case-sensitive.

What is FastAttach?

FastAttach is a desktop solution and service that enables healthcare providers electronically transmit documents such as lab reports, EOBs, treatment authorizations, certificates of medical necessity, narratives, ER records, doctor’s notes, referrals, nurse’s notes, or any other documentation required by a recipient to:

  • Adjudicate a claim
  • Fulfill a CMS MediCare audit response
  • Fulfill a commercial claim audit response

What are the benefits of using FastAttach?

In addition to rendering quality patient care, providers face the usual challenges of managing a business – maximizing cash utilization and reducing expenses. FastAttach was developed so providers could submit all claim substantiation documents in a less costly and more efficient manner – electronically! As a result, providers experience fewer denials, meaningful reductions in administrative costs and measurable improvements in revenue cycles.

FastAttach can be integrated with any practice management system, document management, revenue cycle management systems, and with any claims clearinghouse.

To summarize, FastAttach:

  • Improves first pass rate (FPR) resulting in faster payment
  • Reduces time tracking claims status
  • Eliminates “lost” submissions
  • Reduces denied claims
  • Improves office staff productivity and overall practice efficiency
  • Reduces postage and fax charges
  • Provides secure, compliant transmission and storage of patient health information
  • Requires little or no technical resources to implement

Is FastAttach only good for small medical facilities?

FastAttach® is useful no matter the size of your practice and provides a secure way to exchange medical documentation to a wide variety of recipients.

What hardware or software is required to use FastAttach?

FastAttach installation requires:

  • Pentium-based desktop computer or workstation
  • 512 megs of RAM (computer memory)
  • 500 megs of available disk space
  • Monitor with video card capable of 24-bit color in 800 x 600 resolution
  • Windows 2000, XP, or above
  • Broadband Internet service
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1
  • Required for FastAttach® on Windows 2000
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 2
  • Required for FastAttach® on Windows XP or newer

How do I create additional user names for my facility?

We advise that each user have a unique user name. Each user name can be logged in to only one workstation at a time.

Once you successfully log into the FastAttach program and access the Main screen, click Online Features. If your user account has the necessary privileges, you will see Manage Users. From here, you can see a list of user names that have already been created. If you wish to make a new one, click Create New User. Enter the new user information and select the appropriate user privileges under the Features section.

The most important features to consider enabling are Manage Users and Edit Billing.

Once you have completed the form for your new user name, click the Create User button. You will be presented with an 8-character temporary password. This password will be required for the new user name to be used for the first time. Once used, you will be presented a password reset screen, allowing you to create a password of your choice with a minimum of 8 characters, any combination of letters and numbers.

How do I install FastAttach?

Go to the: “Install FastAttach” page.

Once you click the Download FastAttach® button, you will be prompted to Run the installer. If you are using a different browser than Internet Explorer, you may be prompted to Save the installer. You will need to locate and open FADMedicalInstaller.msi from the directory it was saved to, usually Downloads. The next screen will display the message “The publisher could not be verified…” Press Run on this screen as well. Follow the prompts until you reach the End User License Agreement. In order to proceed, you must click Agree to agree to the Terms of Service.

You will also be prompted with a message stating that you are installing an unsigned driver. This is the virtual printer, required for the Print Capture function work. Follow prompts to install this.

After the installation is complete, click Close. The FastAttach icon should appear on the desktop; double click it to launch the FastAttach application. Enter in Facility ID (Account #), user name and password, then click Login. Once you log into FastAttach, click on the Recipient Information button to ensure that our current list of insurance companies accepting FastAttach has loaded properly during the installation process. If the list of insurance companies is not present, then the FastAttach software has not successfully been installed. Uninstalling the FastAttach software and re-installing should populate the list correctly.

How does FastAttach work?

FastAttach securely transmits electronic submissions via a secure internet connection to the Vyne Medical secure repository. Once received, Vyne Medical assigns a unique tracking number to the submission which the provider places in the PWK (or NTE) segment of the electronic 837 file, and transmits their completed claims electronically to the recipient. Submissions are then stored for viewing by your recipients, and in some cases, other providers with granted viewing rights.

What file types may I file import into FastAttach?

You may import:

  • JPEG
  • PDF If you are submitting to Medi-Cal, you may only import TIF/TIFF files.

How will I get my documents into FastAttach?

Regardless of how you have your documents stored, you will be able to capture and upload them into FastAttach through a variety of document acquisition methods offered by the software, including:

  • File Import
  • Scanning
  • Print Capture
  • FastKapture, our Android Mobile Application
  • Screen Capture

Will FastAttach work with my other software systems?

Yes. FastAttach is a stand-alone application that is compatible with any current software or applications you are utilizing, including imaging/EHR systems, practice management software or audit compliance software.

FastAttach does not require integration of these systems in order for you to capture and transmit the necessary audit response information.

FastAttach may be used as a separate application or integrated with any participating practice management software, document management system, revenue cycle management system, and with any claims clearinghouse.

I do not have a print option and/or cannot select the Vyne Medical Virtual printer, What are my alternatives?

You may use the File Import option from the Data Entry screen. This will allow you to import the compatible file types directly into FastAttach to add to your submission.

To find out what file types that can be imported please see “What file types can I import into FastAttach”.

How is my patient and provider information loaded into FastAttach?

Vyne Medical gives you control over the information that is stored in your account.

Once a provider or a patient has been saved into your FastAttach account, you will always have access to the information. If you need to add new patients or providers, they may be manually entered at any time:

  • Patients are entered by selecting the New/Search button from the Main screen and selecting New Patient.
  • Providers are entered by selecting the Provider Information button from the Main screen and selecting Add Provider. Providers may also be added via ProviderView, by selecting Online Features from the Main screen, then clicking Manage Providers. Note: If you have a large number of patients to enter into FastAttach, Vyne Medical offers a PreLoad service to quickly facilitate multiple patient uploads. Please contact Vyne Medical

Client Support at 1-888-329-9988, Option 3 for details.

How do I add more providers to FastAttach?

There are two ways to add providers into FastAttach:

  • FastAttach: From the Main screen, click the Provider Information button. Click New, and then enter your provider’s information in the fields on the lower left portion of the screen.
  • ProviderView: From the Main screen, select Online Features, then select Manage Providers from the left-hand navigation bar. Click Create New Provider. Enter the providers in the fields provided and click Update Provider.

What method does FastAttach use to add documents to create a claim attachment or electronic audit response?

Providers create electronic claims attachments or audit responses by using a variety of acquisition methods offered by the FastAttach software.

Please see “How will I get my documents into FastAttach?”

How secure are my submissions once I send them to Vyne Medical repository?

Recipients may only view submissions that were transmitted specifically to them by sending providers. Vyne Medical is fully compliant, and FastAttach meets or exceeds all federal regulations required to view submissions.

What recipients accept electronic submissions created in FastAttach?

Login to FastAttach and click the “Recipient Information” button. This will populate a list of all the insurance companies accepting submissions from Vyne Medical. This list is automatically updated each time you log into FastAttach.

You may also view participating recipients by selecting the “How do I display the list of participating recipients in the website?”

How do I search for a submission?

There are two ways to locate and view submissions sent through FastAttach. You can access the history of all submissions for a patient from within FastAttach® or you can search for a specific submission through ProviderView.

Patient History

  • To search patient history, log into the FastAttach program and from the Main screen, click New/Search. This will take you to the Patient Search screen; you can search by the patients name using either the first or last name, or even just the patient’s first or last initials.
  • You can also press the Search button while the search fields are blank. This will bring up a list of all patients that have been entered into the FastAttach®system.
  • Highlight the patient’s name in the search results and then select History at the top of the screen.
  • You will see a list of all submissions sent for that patient.
  • Highlight the submission you are looking for and click View.
  • An Internet Explorer window will open to the Submission View page of ProviderView, displaying your selected submission.


  • Another way to look up your submissions is directly through ProviderView. To access ProviderView, either log into FastAttach® to go to the Main screen and select Online Features or selecting ProviderView from the top menu of this site.
  • This will open the ProviderView homepage. The default page is Search Submissions.
  • Fill in at least one search field and click Search.
  • Select the submission you are looking for and click View.

What is the MEA# used for?

The MEA number is the unique identifier that the recipients use to locate your submission.

You can also use this number to locate and view your submissions. Please see “How do I search for a submission?”

What is ESMD?

esMD is the Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation, a program developed by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS). The purpose of esMD is to enable providers to electronically respond to pre and post-payment additional documentation requests for RAC, MAC, ZPICS, CERT and PERM audits.

What is the Connect Gateway?

The CONNECT Gateway is the National Health Information Network (NHIN) standardized transmission mode for the electronic submission of medical documentation to Medicare and Medicare Review Contractors.Vyne Medical has built the CONNECT gateway and is a CMS certified Health Information Handler (HIH) to provide esMD gateway connectivity to providers.

Which Medicare contractors accept electronic submissions?

Vyne Medical has the electronic connection to all participating esMD Medicare Administrative Contractors and Recovery Audit Contractors.

To view the complete list, please see “How do I display the list of participating recipients in the website?”

How do I know what information I need to provide with my electronic audit response?

You will want to be sure to include:

  • A copy of the audit request letter, as well as all of the medical documentation the Review Contractor has requested in the letter.
  • The provider NPI that is listed on the request letter.
  • The Reference/Control number (typically referred to as the Claim or Case ID/Number) listed on the request letter.
  • The Case Number listed on the request letter.
  • The Administrative Contractor that has requested the audit response listed on the request letter Vyne Medical offers a training video under the Training section of this site regarding responding to electronic audit requests.

How will I know that my audit responses have made it to the administrative contractors?

Vyne Medical provides electronic delivery confirmation from both CMS and the Administrative contractors for each of your submissions.

Typically, we receive confirmation within a few hours that your audit response has been successfully delivered to the indented recipients. Once we have received delivery confirmation from the CONNECT Gateway, you have met your legal obligation to your audit due date.

Online delivery confirmation can be accessed through our online portal, ProviderView under the esMD Delivery Confirmation option. This can be accessed via the FastAttach software by selecting Online Features from the Main screen, or by logging directly into ProviderView by selecting ProviderView from the top of this website.

What if I enter in the wrong information in my audit response?

You can contact Vyne Medical Client Support at 1-888-329-9988, Option 3 and we would be happy to help you correct your submission. We will also offer tips on how to safeguard against any errors on future submissions

Can I submit Medicare audit appeals through FastAttach?

At this time CMS is not accepting appeals through the esMD gateway. This is a future use case of the GATEWAY and we will inform you when the capability has been added to FastAttach®.

How can I get started with FastAttach for ESMD submissions?

You can register for a FastAttach® account by selecting Register, then selecting Medical or by contacting an Vyne Medical sales representative at: 1-888-329-9988, Option 2, to obtain a physical registration form.

After I register for FastAttach, how quickly can I get started with my electronic audit response submissions?

Getting started with FastAttach® is quick and easy!

After registration, you can download our software by selecting Install, then the Medical tab. Please see “How do I install FastAttach®?”

Once installed, simply enter in your FastAttach® Facility ID, user name and temporary password to access the software.

Go to the Training section of this site and watch our FastAttach® training videos that will walk you through the software and instruct you how to quickly complete your electronic responses.

When you are ready, you can immediately begin submitting all of your Medicare audit responses through FastAttach® that same day!

If you have any questions or concerns during the installation or training process please call our Vyne Medical Client Support team at 1-888-329-9988, Option 3.

How do I know I am selecting the correct recipient (e.g., RAC-Region C)?

The esMD (Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation) letter will note which recipient to submit the submission to or a map of Review Contractors by region can be found by visiting

Can I use FastAttach® for DME submissions?


I have a red and blue flashing indicator at the bottom of my screen. What does that mean?

This is the Vyne Medical Reminder. This notifies you when there is an item on the FastAttach® Main screen that requires your attention.

This can include completed submissions awaiting transmission, medical record requests, or pending messages.

We remind you of any changes to our service and updates to the recipient list. Recipients can also send you messages directly through the FastAttach® software.

The indicator should stop flashing once you have sent your submissions and reviewed and deleted any service related messages.

Why do I have a patient listed on the main screen of FastAttach with a status of "Needs Attention - Add Required"?

This is a Medical Record Request for information requested by a recipient for that patient.

Can I delete the medical record requested if we have no records for the patient?

Because this is a commercial claim audit for that patient, deleting the Medical Record Request is not recommended.

How do I display the list of participating payers/recipients in the website?