Epic EHR Integration
between Trace and the Epic App Orchard

Integration between Trace and Epic gives hospitals the ability to auto-populate patient data into Trace and auto-index voice recordings to the patient record, all without changing screens.

Hospitals that use Epic as their EHR and Trace® as their voice recording platform can leverage tools available through the Epic App Orchard to quickly and easily capture patient, payer and team interactions. Once captured, voice recordings are seamlessly mapped to the appropriate patient record and referenced to help ensure proper payment, optimal care, communication best practices, and staff alignment. Integrating this functionality creates a more unified experience and refined user workflow.

The Epic App Orchard integration features the following:

  • Auto-indexing of Trace voice data to patient record in Epic
  • Auto-pause helps prevent recording of sensitive information
  • Two-way HL7 integrations reduce manual data entry
  • Management tools aid in performance improvement

Vyne Medical works with hundreds of hospitals and health systems to extend the reach of their Epic systems with enhanced voice data integration.

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Automate Epic workflows with integrated voice management tools available in Trace.

One-click indexing of auto-recorded voice data

Using this function while recording a patient or payer call automatically ties the recorded information to the patient’s medical record number (MRN).

Automatically pause recording

The auto-pause feature helps prevent the recording of sensitive information like credit card numbers that should not be included in the patient record.

Eliminate time consuming, manual processes

The App Orchard integration features automatic data incorporation into Epic, helping reduce additional data entry and staff transcription requirements.

Why do hospitals using Epic partner with Vyne Medical for revenue cycle and patient access solutions?

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