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Trace: Auto Reconciliation


Auto Reconciliation. It’s a big, fancy word for a new feature that will make your process much simpler!   Now you can automatically tie Trace records to the patient visit – even before the patient is registered – without any searching or manual indexing. Typically, a given patient encounter (visit) does not get created until […]

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Trace Voice: Face-to-Face Recording


Trace Voice tools help create consistent, predictable communication excellence throughout your health system. Ensure Compliance with Policies and Procedures Improve Up-front Collections with Patients Improve Team Communication Performance and Patient Experience Resolve Communication Breakdowns and Protect Staff Step 1 > Record Any face-to-face conversation can be recorded through a small desktop microphone connected to the […]

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Trace Quality Assurance®: Screen Recording


Trace Quality Assurance (TQA) provides a platform for hospitals to perform consistent, objective quality assurance of staff communication – creating predictable communication performance and improving patient experience. TQA leverages the hospital’s repository of phone calls, face-to-face recordings, and now, screen recordings for reliable quality scoring. Developed in partnership with several Trace clients, TQA’s screen recording […]