4 Sessions You Won't Want to Miss at HIMSS18

HIMSS18 is less than a week away.  As one of the largest Health IT events every year, it can be overwhelming creating your schedule of sessions and activities. Below are 4 sessions we are excited about and think you should consider attending as well.

Patient Financial Experience

No matter how great of care a patient receives from nurses, doctors, etc. it can all be overlooked by a negative encounter with finance. Sharlene Seidman, Executive Director of Corporate Business Services at Yale New Haven Health, will be speaking at HIMSS on How to Create A World-Class Financial Service. During this session, Sharlene will share how YNHH empowered staff to engage more efficiently and consistently with patients and how it produced more positive experiences.

Vyne Medical customers have been using Trace to improve their patient experience by reducing negative financial encounters.  One significant way they are doing this is by reducing denials.  Trace allows health systems to capture and index all forms of communications (email, fax, phone calls, face-to-face meetings) into each patient’s record.  These documents are also being used by quality assurance teams for handling complaints and improving patient journey.

Revenue Cycle

Another session that catches our eye is Patti Consolver’s presentation Implementing Work-From-Home In The Revenue Cycle.  Texas Health Resources was the first health system to have a truly virtual central business office. During this session, Patti will discuss best practices THR uses to ensure consistency and efficiency for their teams.

Many Vyne Medical clients have been using our solution, Trace, to implement work-from-home programs in their health system.  These programs have increased productivity, improved employee satisfaction and retention, and reduced costs. If your hospital is looking to start or expand telecommuting programs, we highly recommend learning how Texas Health Resources successfully transformed their CBO to be 100% virtual with over 350 staff working from home.

Staff Engagement & Patient Experience

Communication is the key to success! Sue Murphy, Chief Experience and Innovation Officer at University of Chicago Medicine, will be speaking at HIMSS18 leading a discussion on Chief Experience Officer: New Leader Driving Innovation to Transform Healthcare.  During her session, we will learn how technology plays a valuable role in boosting team communication while improving workflows, staff-patient engagements, and standardizing processes for better experiences.

Trace by Vyne Medical is proving to be a powerful solution for our customers in their staff engagement and alignment efforts.  It’s technology allows for all communication to be recorded, documented and indexed into a patient’s record, granting visibility across the entire care continuum for each patient.  The results are showing improved operational efficiency, reduced errors in communication, and exceptional patient experiences.

IT Transformation: Positive Culture is King is another session illustrating how internal engagement is enhancing patient experiences. Ron Fuschillo, VP & CIO at Renown Health alongside his colleague, Frank Abella, Director, IT Infrastructure Operations, will be leading this discussion and also touching on accountability in addition to engagement.

One benefit to recording communications, is the ability to hold staff, and external individuals such as payers, accountable for their responsibilities and performance. Recorded conversations can be evaluated to assess the quality of interactions between staff and patients, and documented authorizations from payers can be used as evidence for denied claims.