EHR Integration Software: Seamlessly exchange healthcare data

Integrate and automatically exchange records between systems for maximum real-time collaboration.

Trace® integration solutions facilitate the automatic sharing of records between systems and with other providers. Data in the Trace platform can be integrated with your hospital’s EHR, enabling the automated exchange of patient information which helps keep your systems aligned and up-to-date. Integration also facilitates the automation of manual tasks such as auto-dialing, fax confirmations and text reminders to improve efficiency, accuracy and best practice standardization.

Trace works with leading EHRs and is listed in the Epic App Orchard.

Key integration outputs include:

  • Dashboards and reports
  • Business intelligence tools
  • Customizable data fieldsAuto alert tools
  • Worklist assignments
  • Group notifications Customizable workflows

Hundreds of hospitals and health systems currently leverage Trace to:

  • Send test results to ordering physicians
  • Import and route physician orders
  • Retrieve patient medical records
  • Create work queues with automatic notifications

4 types of integrations for the Vyne Medical Trace platform

The Trace interface engine is extremely flexible and supports a variety of integrated data formats.

Trace seamlessly integrates with existing systems and provides the healthcare-specific tools needed to help teams achieve predictable performance excellence.

Integrate with existing technology

Trace integrates with leading EHR vendors such as Epic, Allscripts, Cerner, McKesson HPF, Siemens’ Soarian, and Sovera.

Automate tasks for improved accuracy

The automation of manual tasks such as fax confirmations and text reminders helps improve data accuracy and efficiency.

Eliminate time consuming manual processes

Reducing repetitive, error-prone processes like printing, scanning and faxing saves valuable administrative time and minimizes document delivery and storage costs.

Learn more about Trace integration solutions and see how automation could improve your workflows.

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