Communicate Effectively with Trace® Patient Engagement Solutions

Create a thread of consumer interactions across the continuum of care. Capture and connect patient encounters for better quality, consistency and accuracy at every touchpoint.

We know you strive to provide the best possible care for your patients, and meaningful patient engagement is critical to this endeavor. Vyne Medical supports your efforts to improve the patient experience by helping you make the most of every encounter.

Patient-Centric Encounters 

Vyne Medical’s patient engagement solutions make it easy to capture every encounter across the continuum of care, from pre-service to time of service to post-service interactions. Trace®solutions are used to record phone calls and in-person encounters with patients. These encounters are indexed to the patient account for easy search, retrieval and playback across your healthcare system. Creating a centralized, patient-centric approach to managing these interactions reduces unnecessary duplication of effort, thereby streamlining and improving the patient experience.

Objective Quality Assurance 

Trace Quality Assurance tools give leaders the ability to monitor and score patient touchpoints, promoting consistency and quality across teams and entities. An audio search function allows managers to search recordings for keywords and ensure the appropriate use of scripting and communication methodology during patient encounters. Screen recordings can also be captured to ensure that accurate data collection procedures are correctly followed.

Actionable Training 

Compliance measurement creates a repeatable process for training and feedback, empowering teams to engage patients in more meaningful ways. Reinforcement of communication best practices (link to HFMA best practices PDF) helps employees confidently address even sensitive topics such as patient financial obligations and point of service collections. Recordings of phone calls and face-to-face interactions are available in Trace for issue resolution, coaching and performance evaluation.

Streamlined Workflow  

Trace digital fax and workflow solutions give teams the ability to manage critical patient data such as physician orders, authorizations and clinical information through an automated paperless process. Content is indexed to the patient account and added to team worklists so it’s available when and where it’s needed. The result is a streamlined workflow and improved patient experience.

To learn how Lowell General Hospital has used Trace to standardize patient financial communication and improve the consumer experience, click here.

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