Fight the Denials Battle and Win

Overturn denials and win appeals with multiple points of proof available through the Trace® platform. From phone calls and transcripts to faxes and screen recordings, all the information you need to prove your case lives within Trace.

Let’s face it, almost nothing feels better than proving you’re right. Fighting for the needs of your patients while being financially responsible for your organization is not an easy battle, but it’s one you and your denials management team fights daily, so kudos to you all!

Vyne Medical wants to help position your organization’s denial management, appeals and authorizations teams to be even more successful by tapping into the power of the Trace platform. With Trace, your teams can access virtually all of the data required to help overturn denials and expedite payments from directly within the patient record. Every fax, phone call, email, and image are linked to the patient’s account and can be easily retrieved as you compile documentation to prevent, overturn and appeal denied claims.

  • Proactively manage authorizations to help reduce denials
  • Reference indexed voice recordings, electronic faxes and images to support appeals
  • Respond to increasing demands from payers without adding costs or headcount
  • Seamlessly capture and send clinical information from the EHR to insurance companies
  • Download and store insurance company contracts and forms in a central repository

3 Keys to Winning Against Clinical Denials

In 2018 alone, Community Health Network recovered $39 million in clinical denials as a result of these efforts. Learn about their efforts to reduce denials and streamline denial management across the continuum in this webinar.

Trace offers solutions that can help you...

Instantly access comprehensive supporting documentation

Reduce back-and-forth between departments in search of evidence to support a claim. Supporting data is captured, indexed to the patient record and made accessible enterprise-wide.

Effectively appeal (and win) denials

Submit proof of every payer interaction – whether in writing or via voice recording – to prove your case. Leverage data to shorten the appeals process and reduce days in accounts receivable.

Record payer calls as proof of authorizations

Review conversations and provide transcripts to eliminate he said/she said conversations that can cause payment delays or denials.

Download our Executive's Guide to Implementing a Denials Program!

At Moffitt Cancer Center, a robust denial prevention program resulted in reducing denials from 14% of gross charges to 8% of gross charges billed.

Learn how using the Trace solution for denials management and appeal processing can help drive favorable outcomes for your organization.

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