Intelligent Automation Through the Trace Platform

Revolutionize workflows with practical automation that elevates productivity, precision, and employee satisfaction.

As a leading workflow tool for handling disparate communication transactions for both unstructured and structured data, our intelligent automation takes workflow enhancement to new heights by turning mundane, time-consuming manual tasks into automated, streamlined workflow processes.


repetitive, manual tasks with reduced human involvement


the completion of routine processes with increased accuracy


automatically to a workflow if next steps are required


with your EMR or most third-party systems for seamless connectivity

Diverse Capabilities of Trace Automation

Fax, Document, & Image

  • Identify document type
  • Extract data
  • Index to the patient record
  • Reduce spam and incomplete data
  • Filter duplicates
  • Route and split
  • Establish touchless operations reducing human interactions


  • In-depth call analytics with sentiment analysis (coming soon*)
  • Index and route recorded interactions and conversations to the patient record
  • Send voice interactions to Trace and index with one click via the Epic Button

Operations & Processes

  • Bidirectionally integrate with your EMR, DMS, along with Multi-Functional Printers, and more
  • Operate a touchless workflow
  • Request patient forms
  • Email to fax and fax to email options
  • Email directly from your EMR
  • Single sign-on ability
  • Send notifications and alerts
  • Leverage workflow management tools

The Advantages of Automation


Reduce manual fax and electronic document handling processes from an average of 5.1 minutes down to seconds**

Solve Staffing

Alleviate the administrative burden on employees, allowing them to focus their talents on higher-value tasks

Leverage Machine

Train systems to recognize information from documents and faxes, reducing downstream errors and increasing departmental productivity

Operate a Touchless

Proactively identify incoming document types, extract data, and map it to targeted fields


Access workflow management tools with the ability to manage exception handling, return incomplete data, and route to the appropriate systems of record


Pick and choose the automation solutions that best fit your health system’s needs

Boost Efficiency &
Cost Savings

Ensure tasks are completed more quickly and accurately, leading to improved patient outcomes and increased revenue


Gain complimentary re-engineered workflow diagrams, impact analysis, estimated ROI, project scope, with a clear timeline for implementation

Case Study: How to Save Time and Increase Profitability with Document Automation

By using auto-indexing, Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital found multiple positive results, including reduced backlog, elimination of overtime, and better patient experience.


Read the Case Study

* Functionality is planned and subject to change. Vyne Medical shall have no obligation or liability should it not complete development of such functionality, if the functionality is different than described, or you rely on the statements made herein.
**Statistical information contained herein represent results complied using data from Vyne Medical customer case studies using the Trace and Refyne platforms from 2020 to present. The data provided is for informational purposes only with no guarantee of users achieving similar results.