Empowering Healthcare with Streamlined Image Capture Management

Easily capture on-screen documents and integrate the images directly into the patient record with PixCert.

As a powerful, robust image management solution, this healthcare specific tool not only creates a screen capture file but through integration can also index that document to the individual patient record within your EMR for effortless access at any time.

PixCert: Capture, Append, Expedite, Share image of circles


web pages, documents, PDFs, and emails from payers to help verify patient eligibility, benefits, and authorization.


on-screen captures directly to the patient record for a more complete history.


access to proof in insurance checks, authorizations, and denials by pushing captured images to Tracker.


through email, fax, or the Trace platform, forms and documentation from the EMR with referring providers, off-site facilities, home health agencies, and others.

Advantages of PixCert

Proof for Authorizations

Increase transparency and promote revenue with captured proof of authorizations reducing denials and holding involved parties accountable

Seamless Documentation

Improve communication and collaboration by providing 24/7 access to essential information, stored and easily searchable within Tracker at any time

Streamlined Workflow

Minimize manual entry and reduce the administrative burden by conveniently assigning and sending a captured image to another department

Increase Productivity

Enhanced accessibility to critical data allows for seamless retrieval and efficient utilization

Flexible Share

Send captured images through a variety of methods, including encrypted email or leveraging Trace “secure send”, our email encryption feature

Digitize Paper Documents

Conveniently scan paper documents, import them into Tracker using PixCert and fax them out directly (using either PixCert or Tracker)


Light on IT resources, this patient-centric solution’s performance operates with reliability and power to simplify essential processes

Case Study: How to Establish Proof of Patient Authorizations to Overturn Denials

To effectively combat denials, organizations can enhance operational efficiency, maintain financial integrity, and elevate the patient experience by redesigning current front-end workflows. Moffitt’s Financial Clearance Unit began overseeing the center’s denials management strategy using Trace call recording and image capture applications to link documentation directly to the patient record.

Download the case study to learn how Moffitt Cancer Center was able to reduce the percentage of denied revenue dollars using PixCert.


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“I think the PixCert functionality is where Vyne Medical excels. PixCert works really well and has helped us tremendously, especially since my department works from home. The functionality has definitely been an eye-opener for us. It is great that we can use PixCert to seamlessly grab and put things straight into the system”

– Director, 2022

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