Document Imaging in Healthcare: Capture and Index it

Whether it’s a webpage, email, or other document type – the Trace® image capture application can easily capture on-screen documents and integrate it to the patient record.

Sometimes the most powerful solutions are also the simplest ones – that’s the beauty of the image management solutions from Trace. Creating a screen capture file is easy, but being able to index that document to the individual patient record within your EHR is where the Trace solution adds considerable value. Anything on your screen can be captured and attached to the patient account, providing a complete picture of all related communications right at your fingertips.

Capture, append, retrieve, and share documents and images across the enterprise.


Webpages and emails from payers to document patient eligibility, benefit and authorization.


Documents directly to the patient account for a more complete patient record.


Captured images as proof of what was authorized by whom and when.


Forms and documentation from the EHR with referring providers, off-site facilities, home health agencies, and others.

Memorial Hermann uses Trace Integration to export records to its Sovera imaging system.

An HL7 interface allows for quick indexing to patient information available through the health system’s registration system. Once captured and indexed in Trace, images are automatically pushed over to Sovera without any manual intervention. This improvement has reduced processing time for records by 2 to 3 days.

Screen capture functionality and beyond

Trace offers tools to capture not only on-screen interactions, but also voice conversations and faxed documentation. Whether image, voice or fax, all communication events can be tied to the patient record and made accessible across the enterprise for more efficient scheduling, authorization, coordination, and reimbursement of care. Put the power of integrated information at your fingertips with solutions from Vyne Medical.

Find out why image management solutions from Vyne Medical are the most utilized component of the Trace platform among more than 800 hospitals and health systems.

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