Get to Know Trace

Capture every patient interaction and index it to your EHR for easy retrieval. Protected, yet fully accessible patient information at your fingertips – that’s the power of the Trace® platform.

Integrated Communication Exchange Engine

Trace helps create a more complete patient record, prevent lost revenue and refine workflows by collecting and integrating digital voice, fax and image data. Consolidate and centralize content from virtually any medium, and easily find it using patient account number, document type or any custom field.

The Trace Advantage

Gone are the days of managing healthcare communication data across multiple platforms that are hardware-reliant, paper-consumptive, siloed, and disconnected. Trace provides a connected, centralized, protected, and accessible digital repository for communication events.

Trace Patient Information Management System

Connecting Disconnected Data® with Trace

Ensuring that data is accessible when and where it’s needed is no simple feat, but it’s one that Trace can help you deliver. By creating streamlined workflows thanks to a centralized solution that connects all the data you collect, Trace helps you better serve your patients, your staff and your business by creating a more complete, digitized patient record.


Centralized Management of Healthcare Communications

Trace links conversations and documentation to the patient record and makes them immediately accessible across the enterprise. This enables more efficient scheduling, authorization, coordination, and reimbursement of care.

Available as a single-department or enterprise-wide solution, Trace can be customized to meet the unique processes and data needs of each service area. Remote employees can also capture and access information more securely, giving them access to efficiently complete their work from virtually anywhere.


Capture critical voice content like phone calls, voicemails and face-to-face interactions and link it to the patient record. Content can be recorded automatically or on-demand through PCs, mobile devices or desktop microphones. Applications are scalable to fit any number of users or environments and can be paired with screen recordings for insight into corresponding on-screen activity. Recordings are accessible in Trace for playback, download, routing, and quality scoring.

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Eliminate the need to print, scan and manually fax documents. The Trace cloud-based, healthcare-specific fax solution digitizes incoming and outgoing faxes and makes them immediately accessible across the enterprise through direction integration with your EHR.

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Seamlessly capture images such as web pages, patient records, emails, and scanned documents. Images are indexed and can be stored or routed through Trace to outside parties or receiving systems.

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Management Tools for Quality Oversight

Quality Assurance software provides custom scorecards and powerful reporting tools to track and trend communication quality and reinforce best practices among teams. View scores by team, agent and even keyword to quickly pinpoint problem areas and training needs.

Integrated Automatic Record Exchange

Trace integration solutions facilitate the automatic sharing of records between systems and with other providers. Data in Trace can be integrated with the hospital’s EHR, enabling the automated exchange of patient information to help keep systems aligned and up-to-date. Integration also facilitates the automation of manual tasks such as auto-dialing, fax confirmations and text reminders to improve efficiency, accuracy and best practice standardization.

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