Get to know the Trace® platform

Capture every patient interaction and index it to the patient record in the EHR for easy retrieval. Compliant, yet fully accessible patient information at your fingertips. That’s the power of the Trace platform.

Centralized Management of Healthcare Communications

Convenient access to critical healthcare communication – voice, fax and image – is proven to improve hospital financial performance, physician/staff alignment, patient experience, compliance and patient safety/quality.

The Trace® platform offers tools to capture any interaction, tie it to the patient record and make it immediately accessible across the enterprise allowing for efficient scheduling, authorization, coordination and reimbursement of care.

Trace software offers tools to meet the specific workflow needs of each and every hospital. Available as a single-department or enterprise-wide solution, Trace can be customized to meet the unique processes and data needs of each service area. Remote employees may also have  access captured information more securely, giving them data needed to complete work efficiently from virtually anywhere.


Four available methods for capturing critical voice content – including phone calls, voicemails and any face-to-face interaction. Voice recording applications are scalable to fit any number of users. Recordings are indexed and stored within the Trace platform for playback, download, routing and quality scoring.


Healthcare-specific fax interface seamlessly captures incoming and outgoing faxes or integrates with existing solutions. The Trace platform eliminates the need to print, scan and manually fax documents. Tools such as reservations and work lists streamline fax processing and workflow.


Seamlessly capture images such as web pages, patient records, emails and scanned documents. Images are indexed and can be stored or routed through the Trace software to outside parties or receiving system.

Trace Quality Assurance

The Trace Quality Assurance feature facilitates the recording and scoring of verbal communication to hardwire predictable verbal communication within teams to significantly improve communication quality and compliance. Custom scorecards and reporting tools give hospitals the ability to track and trend quality scores by team, agent and question.


Consolidate content from a multitude of mediums including voice, fax and image. Content is centralized and easily accessible by patient, document type or any custom field created for indexing, reporting ,and business intelligence.

Tracker™ is an intuitive web interface feature where voice, fax and images are aggregated and indexed by patient for easy search, sort, delivery and retrieval.

  • Search: search using simple and advanced criteria; view saved searches; batch fax and print records
  • Patient View: view all recorded communication for a particular patient visit
  • Fax Management: reconcile new faxes; notify other users of faxes; annotate, reserve and assign faxes
  • Voice Management: index recordings to patients; filter and notify other users of recordings



The highly-integrated Trace solution interfaces seamlessly with existing systems and provides the healthcare-specific tools needed to help teams achieve predictable performance excellence. The Trace platform integrates with all major EMRs and HIS platforms to quickly send and receive content, images and voice file links between systems. Options include direct file transfer and content links through either a cold feed or HL7. We have the following workflow tools:

  • Dashboards and reports
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Robust integration capabilities
  • Customizable data fields
  • Auto alert tools
  • Desktop voice, fax and document tools
  • Work assignments
  • Group notifications
  • Customizable workflow

Did you know Trace is the perfect tool to help improve patient experience?

By capturing phone calls, voicemails, face-to-face conversations, faxes and screen shots, Trace is able to completely document a patient's journey and index it to their account. This helps to clear up miscommunications, prevent denials, and reassure hospital staff that they have proof of a job well done.  

But that's enough from us. Here's what others had to say about how well Trace works...


Trace has enabled us to restore good working relationships with our physicians and their office staff by streamlining the paperwork process and eliminating the hassle of doing business with the hospital. We all know that happy customers will come back. -- Director of Patient Access in Florida


We're here to provide excellent customer service. In a face-to-face interview with a patient, we can tell someone one thing, and they may hear something else. Just as it is with a phone call, it's quite beneficial to have a recording of the conversation to review and use as a tool for training and improvement. That is what the Trace Face-to-Face recording application provides. -- Manager of Patient Access, Atlanta Medical Center


We record our pre-registration interview with patients. Our staff love it because if a patient is upset about something, they come to me and say, 'You might want to listen to this recording. What else could I have said? What could I have done differently?' It gives me the opportunity to sit down with the staff, listen to the interview and give them some really meaningful feedback. -- Director of Onsite Patient Access in Washington


By doing QA checks of our recorded calls on a monthly basis, we can ensure that scheduling and registration staff are following script and providing complete and accurate information to our patients. -- Director of Patient Access in Florida


— How to Better Your Patient Experience

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