The Refyne Platform is the Start of Something Big

Automate denial workflows, simplify audit processes and drive more connected care – all from a single platform with Refyne.

Designed by healthcare for healthcare, the cloud-based Refyne platform delivers denials management and connected care in a seamless SaaS-based application

Too often, we see healthcare organizations using software that’s not actually designed for healthcare. Generic technology may meet the basic needs of some organizations, but eventually there will be challenges that the retrofitted solution simply cannot overcome.

Imagine how much more you could do with a solution that was designed specifically for your workflows and for your needs? Vyne Medical believes it’s time to turn the tables on technology that “does everything” and instead deliver healthcare technology that does what you need.

The Refyne™ platform was built from the ground-up with healthcare challenges and process automation in mind. A partner in problem solving, our goal is to connect disconnected data and to help you solve your most pressing challenges including driving financial performance, enhancing operational efficiency, improving the consumer experience, and leading digital transformation. And we’re just getting started.

With the Refyne Denials Management™ and Refyne Connected Care™ solutions we’re delivering technology that complements your workflows rather than complicates them.

Refyne Denials Management eliminates the administrative burdens associated with tracking, managing and fulfilling additional documentation requests for audits, claims and prior authorizations

  • Manage CMS Medicare audits, appeals and prior authorizations
  • Receive and respond to CMS Medicare medical claim documentation and audit requests electronically
  • Help eliminate “lost” audit notifications and ADRs sent by mail – saving time and money
  • Prove timely filing with receipts showing when audit responses were received by payers or requesting contractors
  • Submit additional documentation via attachments to Commercial Payers
  • Manage audits, appeals, ADRs, and authorizations through a single, cloud-based solution with 24/7 access from wherever your office may be with Internet access – remote or on-site
  • Consolidate software tools eliminating the need for separate data/screen scraping utilities
  • Enhance the security of ADR response data with electronic delivery in a protected environment
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Refyne Cloud Fax supports Vyne Medical's commitment to advancing the adoption of digital faxing across healthcare

  • Convenient, digital cloud fax designed for healthcare
  • Reduce steps in your processes, improving departmental performance and workflow efficiency
  • In-office or remote, Refyne Cloud Fax makes it easy for teams to manage incoming/outgoing faxes and worklists
  • Use as a single-department or enterprise-wide solution
  • Integration offers the ability to centralize workflows within your EHR and streamline operations
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Find out more about the Refyne platform and see the difference a solution designed for healthcare can make for your organization.

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