Transforming Case Management into Care Management

Giving case managers more time to focus on patient care by eliminating manual, paper processes for tasks like managing referrals, authorizations, transfers, and discharges.

Case managers are often the unsung heroes of healthcare. With so many disparate sources of information related to each patient, they are typically inundated with manual paperwork. Even though most hospitals have some type of electronic health record (EHR), case managers still have to exchange information with many other, less technically-integrated organizations including physician offices, clinics, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, insurance companies and the like. With volumes of critical information to manage, what’s a team to do to keep things moving forward and make sure nothing – and no one – falls through the cracks?

More streamlined workflows can be achieved with the Trace® platform from Vyne Medical – a solution that empowers case management teams to transform manual workflows into automated, electronic processes. Trace enables teams to index virtually every piece of documentation and communication directly to the individual patient record in your EHR. Every interaction – including phone calls, emails, faxes, and even web visits – is accessible as part of a more comprehensive patient record.

  • End the “paper chase” by giving teams access to patient information in a more timely, efficient manner
  • Proactively manage authorizations to help reduce denials
  • Track orders to and from outside providers more effectively
  • Provide documentation required for audits

“Because we are spending less time tracking down paperwork to fight denials, we have more time for our patients and can focus more on rounding and discharge planning.”

Daisy Calderon, Discharge Planner
St. Francis Medical Center

Trace offers solutions that can help you...

Improve care coordination

Better serve the needs of your patients by improving communications and streamlining processes for exchanging data like medical records, referrals/transfers, prescription information, and durable medical equipment requests.

Create a more complete patient record

Access patient-related documentation, including forms and other information exchanged between outside facilities like rehabilitation centers, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, directly from the patient record in your EHR.

Manage insurance authorizations and denials

Provide documented proof of authorizations with indexed documentation and recorded phone calls that are linked to the patient record. Easily review all correspondence and conversations.

Making the Case for Case Management Teams Using the Trace Platform

Trace helped hospitals, like St. Francis Medical Center prevent lost revenues while providing the case management team with more time to focus on patients, payers and discharges. Learn how Trace can help drive value and efficiency for your case management team as well as other departments within your organization.

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