Enhancing Revenue Cycle Processes from Start to Finish

From the front end, through the middle and to the back end of the revenue cycle, the Trace® platform adds value and boosts performance.

The Trace solution connects disconnected data to create a more complete patient record and interfaces typically disparate data with the EHR and other critical systems to improve hospital financial performance and patient care.

Trace is a healthcare-specific technology platform that empowers hospitals to manage all types of information including phone and face-to-face conversations and the digital exchange of documents, faxes, emails, and images. Each file is seamlessly indexed to the patient record, improving information exchange and eliminating typical performance gaps.

For most hospitals, trying to gain insurance payment authorization in advance of providing care often requires multiple steps such as visits to the payer portal, phone conversations, and exchanges of supporting documentation. Trace holds the key to proficiency for our clients as all the fragmented data is documented, centrally located, organized, easy to retrieve, and simple to share. The end result is complete, accurate information to help fill any disparities throughout the claim life cycle—from intake to authorization and payment.

Trace provides solutions for revenue cycle teams at the front, middle and back end of the revenue cycle process.

  • Front

    • Registration, patient access (authorization and eligibility), financial clearance, etc.
    • Electronically receive and track physician orders, conduct admission reviews and process authorizations
    • Streamline digital fax management with automated fax notifications and worklists
    • Link precertification documents, authorizations and payer conversations to the patient record with fax, image and voice recording tools
    • Conduct communication quality and policy adherence monitoring to ensure appropriate service levels, information delivery and data collection
  • Middle

    • Revenue integrity, coding, medical records, etc.
    • Improve collaboration and efficiency between departments by making patient documentation immediately available when and where it’s needed
    • Seamlessly capture and send clinical information from the EHR to insurance companies
  • Back

    • Billing/accounts receivable, claims and denials, utilization reviews, etc.
    • Reference indexed voice recordings, electronic faxes and images to support appeals
    • Record patient encounters to reinforce best practices in patient financial communications such as self-pay estimates and collections

Developing a Best-in-Class Quality Review Program

Moffitt Cancer Center launched a quality department to perform consistent, unbiased quality assurance in the revenue cycle. In this webinar, thought leaders share practical steps to conducting quality review for improved revenue cycle outcomes.

Trace offers solutions that can help you...

Provide teams with access to a more complete patient record

By indexing all of the communication surrounding a patient – whether it be fax, voice, image, or documents – teams are given access to all of the information they need to do their jobs, provide the best service to the patient and receive appropriate compensation.

Proactively manage pre-authorizations to help confront denied claims

Prevent and overturn denials with convenient access to undeniable proof in the form of pre-authorization recordings, website and email approvals and faxes, all linked to the patient record.

Improve alignment among patients, staff, physicians, and payers

Comprehensive monitoring and tracking of communication for quality and accuracy ensures information is clearly and consistently communicated.

Download our Trace journey map for Revenue Cycle!

Lowell General Hospital Boosts Revenue Cycle Performance with Trace

Lowell General partnered with Vyne Medical for implementation of Trace in 2011. Since then, the hospital has leveraged the suite of voice, fax and image tools to streamline and support revenue cycle processes in departments such as the Patient Access Call Center, Patient Financial Services and Patient Accounting. Click here to learn more about the impact of Trace at Lowell General.

Learn how Trace can help hospitals achieve improved outcomes related to financial performance, patient experience, staff alignment, and process compliance.

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