Enhancing the way hospitals handle and connect data

We are dedicated to helping hospitals and health systems improve the way they capture and share information to ensure a more complete patient record, create workflow efficiencies and recover lost revenue. Auto-Indexing – our new service added to the Trace suite of products – accomplishes all of these key objectives by quickly transforming documents into structured, reliable data.

Our Auto-Indexing technology can read incoming text data, and by leveraging advanced machine learning and form recognition, seamlessly map it to targeted fields and incorporate it into the patient record within Trace. The advantages of the Auto-Indexing include:

  • Seamlessly index information to the patient record
  • Expedite turnaround time with less time wasted manually keying data
  • Improve data accuracy and reliability
  • Increase staff efficiency and productivity as teams redirect efforts to higher value tasks
  • Reduce costs with improved with speed, quality and automation

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Workflow Efficiencies

Trace captures and integrates voice, fax, and image data into a searchable, centralized database. This functionality drives interdepartmental workflows, streamlines provider handoffs, and creates added efficiencies – all of which add up to improved patient care.

Staff Impacts

Teams that deploy auto-indexing solutions typically reduce their data entry tasks, leaving certain individuals with extra bandwidth. Hospitals approach these resources in a number of ways including departmental restructuring, resource redeployment, reduced backfills when employees retire or transfer, and shifting responsibilities from data entry tasks to quality assurance oversight. Additionally, a certain level of human involvement, oversight and interpretation will always be required in this process, allowing staff to perform higher level outcomes.

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With benefits that range from cost savings to quality and productivity increases, we’re confident that the new Auto-Indexing™ functionality can help you create a more complete patient record, drive workflow efficiencies and maximize your profitability. At Vyne Medical, we’re committed to Connecting Disconnected Data® and auto-indexing is now taking this commitment to the next level.

*This functionality represents a new service added to the Trace suite of products. Special terms and fees apply.


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