Transform Workflows with Document Automation

Improve information management and reduce manual effort by automatically converting unstructured data from documents into structured, reliable data, minimizing errors and saving valuable time.

Automatically map data to targeted fields from various forms of healthcare documentation, including scanned items, faxes, mail, email, and more with Vyne Medical’s auto-indexing. This technology enhances cost savings, speed, and data accuracy in healthcare organizations.

Read, Map, Incorporate, Integrate, Expedite


incoming healthcare documentation 


captured data to appropriate fields


data into the patient record within the Trace® platform 


with the EMR, most third party systems, or your existing systems using Trace


turnaround time and reduces manual input by automating form data entry

The Advantages of Document Automation

Electronic Fax

Leveraging auto-indexing, EMR integration, and workflow rules to receive, process, and route documents without manual intervention


Reduce the burden of manual data entry and gain workflow productivity while reducing human error


Quickly and accurately index incoming information directly to the patient record to improve data quality and achieve a broad range of departmental goals and objectives


Healthcare systems that deploy auto-indexing solutions create opportunities for departmental restructuring, resource development, reduced backfills, and shifting responsibilities from data entry tasks to quality assurance oversight

Time and Money Savings

By decreasing manual data entry, accuracy and reliability improves while boosting staff efficiency and productivity with a renewed focus on value-added activities

Range of

Vyne Medical’s automation abilities span from assisted indexing to creating touchless processes for healthcare organizations

Which Automation Level Best Fits your Workflow Needs?

Level One - Improve Workflows Through Technology Solutions

Using Refyne® Cloud Fax for optimal performance or your existing fax engine, improve your hospital’s operations by automating workflows through the Trace® platform.

Level Two - Integrate with Other Systems

Effortlessly connect healthcare providers with third-party applications through HL7 integration and enable the electronic transmission of lab results, automated reporting, and release of information requests through integration with the EMR or document repositories.

Level Three - Automate the Transcription of Faxes

Automate form recognition, data extraction, transcription, and indexing of data from faxed images, converting it into usable data.

Level Four - Outsource with Fax Complete

Vyne Medical handles all incoming faxes, using automation to extract and integrate data directly into your EMR. Our team manages instances that require manual processing, relieving health systems of the hassle of dealing with faxes.

Case Study: How to Save Time and Increase Profitability with Auto-Indexing

By using auto-indexing, Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital found multiple positive results, including reduced backlog, elimination of overtime, and better patient experience.


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