Medical quality assurance to reinforce best practices and drive performance excellence

Medical Quality Assurance solutions from Trace provide a platform for hospitals to perform consistent, objective quality assurance reviews of staff communication.

Help create predictable performance and improve patient experiences by making sure that teams are communicating consistently and appropriately.

The Trace® platform’s Quality Assurance (QA) solution leverages digital interactions including faxes, images, phone calls, and recordings of both face-to-face and on-screen interactions to create custom scorecards and powerful reporting tools. These insights give hospitals the ability to track and trend quality scores by team, agent and even keyword – quickly pinpointing problem areas and training needs.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced patient and physician satisfaction
  • Adherence with policies and procedures
  • Improved financial performance with upfront payment collection
  • Increased productivity and reinforcement of best practices
  • Protection of staff with objective proof of information exchanges

Capture more complete patient interactions with integrated Screen Recording

Easily search audio encounters by keyword and view screen recordings to review team members’ navigation during a phone or face-to-face interaction with a patient. Trace’s robust screen recording program allows supervisors to recreate entire events and measure productivity, process compliance or other quality objectives. Each recording can be indexed to the patient account and centrally stored for enterprise-wide access.

medical quality assurance

Closing the Gaps in Healthcare Communication

Patient Access leaders use Trace Quality Assurance‘s online scorecards to review and score a random sampling of recordings and chart staff performance by individual, team and key measure.

Customizable scorecards and reports let supervisors track and trend scores over time to provide objective feedback for coaching and procedural improvement.

Customize scorecards and reports to meet departmental needs

Create an unlimited number of scorecards and customize questions, responses, keywords, and weighting criteria.

Track and trend scores over time by team, agent or question

Conducting trend analysis helps identify strengths, problem areas and best practices across teams.

Verify that processes are being followed with screen recording

Audio recordings can be combined with full screen recordings that are available for playback within the QA software.

Learn more about how the Trace Quality Assurance solutions can enhance productivity and improve patient experiences for your organization.

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