Consolidating Solutions for Automated Communication Management

Easy integration with major EHR systems makes implementing the Trace solution an easy lift for IT teams.

When it comes to selecting solutions for your healthcare system, we know you have a lot of choices. How do you find the right fit for your organization? Standard fax, document management and voice recording solutions perform single-point functions but typically aren’t designed specifically for healthcare. At Vyne Medical, we believe choosing a solution with patient-centric features built around healthcare workflows will help you better manage complex data and processes while upholding best practices unique to your environment.

Centralized Access

The Trace® platform automates and optimizes communication between departments and across the enterprise for more efficient scheduling, authorization, care coordination, and reimbursement. Trace offers solutions built to capture interactions – voice, fax or electronic – connect it to the patient record and store it in a central location for immediate access across the enterprise.

Vendor Consolidation

With a comprehensive system to manage all types of patient communication, hospitals can reduce infrastructure costs by consolidating redundant solutions that perform single-point functions such as faxing and call recording. According to the, article: “Reduce Information Technology Complexity, Costs with Consolidation,” standardization of processes and system tools typically results in a 3 to 7 percent baseline cost savings. Hospitals can also improve IT efficiencies by managing fewer contracts and coordinating maintenance with fewer vendors.

System Integration

Trace provides integration solutions that facilitate the sharing of records between systems and with other providers in a protected environment without manual intervention. This functionality:

  • Reduces the need for separate document management and fax server technologies,.
  • Provides easy-to-implement options for managing technology and data sharing.
  • Facilitates indexing and integration into Epic® via the Epic App Orchard.
  • Offers integration to ADT system for indexing Trace records to current patient data.
  • Automatically exports/imports files and indexing data between Trace and other systems.
  • Automates data delivery to external providers, ordering physicians and internal teams.
  • Drives automation with auto-indexing and advanced integration capabilities.

Consolidate fax server and document management solutions

Trace provides a comprehensive communication management platform for voice, image and fax data, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and thereby reducing costs.

Implement Trace with ease

Trace easily integrates with most major HIS platforms such as Epic, Allscripts, Cerner, McKesson HPF, Siemens’ Soarian, Sovera, and others.

Proactively address automation initiatives

Through integrations and business rules, Trace can help with organizational automation initiatives.

Connecting Data through Integration Solutions

Integration remains one of the most significant challenges plaguing healthcare today. Trace Integration Solutions make it easy to share patient medical records while safe-guarding protected health information. Case in point: integration between Trace and Epic gives hospitals the ability to auto-populate patient data into Trace and auto-index voice recordings to the patient record, all without changing screens.

Learn how Vyne Medical’s Trace solution can enhance and simplify technology management for your IT team.

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