Request, track and receive authorizations in a more timely manner

Time is always of the essence in healthcare. Requesting and obtaining timely insurance approvals is a key factor in optimizing the patient experience. The Trace® platform enables you to efficiently submit, track and document authorization status as you work to expedite insurance reimbursement and provide optimal patient care.

Successfully managing the insurance authorization process is key for any healthcare organization. Knowing what to collect from patients up-front and what reimbursement to expect from payers on the backend is critical. That’s why having an efficient, user-friendly system for managing authorizations is so important.

With Trace, you have the ability to record, store and link all conversations, emails and documents directly to the patient’s account. With only a few clicks, authorization teams can view and retrieve authorization information and instantly share it with other departments to prevent lengthy delays in service.

  • Record calls to ensure staff perform thorough eligibility verification and confirm multiple times prior to the date of service
  • Proactively manage pre-authorizations to help reduce denials
  • Document registration, eligibility and authorization activity (indexed voice recordings, electronic faxes, images, and web pages) for evidence to support the efficient coordination and reimbursement of patient care
  • Streamline processes and respond to changing payer requirements without increasing staff
  • Capture clinical information from the EHR to send to payers
  • Download and store insurance company contracts and forms in a central repository

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Trace offers solutions that can help you...

Instantly access comprehensive supporting documentation

Every piece of patient-related data is available at your fingertips including complete clinical and financial supporting documentation.

Prevent denials with documented proof of all communication

Establish proof of verbal, fax and electronic authorization to help prevent and overturn denied claims.

Record payer authorization calls

Review conversations and provide transcripts to help eliminate ‘he said/she said’ conversations that can cause payment delays or denials.

Moffitt Cancer Center achieved sustainable results by redefining workflows

Moffitt implemented Trace to capture and integrate patient financial data such as benefits, financial clearance and pre-registration information for enterprise access and exchange. Moffitt leveraged this data to assist patients in making informed care decisions, to ensure financial coverage for care and to communicate upfront the cost of services. Read about their success story.

Learn how using the Trace solution for authorization management can streamline workflows in this critical area for your organization.

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