Voice Recording Solutions: Streamlining Healthcare Communication for Enhanced Productivity

With the ability to easily store and access conversations ranging from pre-authorization to discharge, this healthcare-centric tool helps ensure exceptional patient care.

Boost your healthcare operations with voice recording options fit to meet your organization’s needs, capturing essential patient and payer conversations and providing easily accessible proof for overturning denials. Elevating patient documentation in healthcare, Trace Voice’s analytics software gains valuable insights into patient, staff, and payer interactions through automatic, on-demand, or face-to-face recording options.

Record, Link, Overturn, Improve, Maintain


any patient or payer conversation whether using Auto-Record, Trace Voice On-Demand, Trace Anywhere, or Face-to-Face recording methods


conversation data to the patient record for comprehensive documentation


denials with objective proof by easily establishing payer authorization and coverage data


point-of-service collections with documented proof of the information communicated and acknowledged


data security with built-in tools that allow you to pause recordings when collecting private patient information

4 Ways to Capture Voice

Trace Voice On-Demand (TVOD)

Easily record conversations with a connection between your phone’s receiver and your computer.

Trace Voice on Demand Recording


Conveniently capture in-person conversations through a USB microphone that connects directly to your desktop computer.

Trace Voice Recording: Face-to-Face

Auto Record

Automatically and effortlessly record both inbound and outbound calls on virtually any phone connected to your healthcare organization’s system.

Trace Voice Recording Solutions: Auto-Record

Trace Anywhere

Record outbound calls on virtually any cell or landline phone from any location (with Internet access), helping facilitate work-from-home flexibility.

Trace Voice Recordings: Trace and Anywhere

Advantages of Voice Recording


Recordings can be indexed and linked directly to the patient record for instant access

Prevent Denials & Improve Upfront Collections

Recordings provide proof and help maintain documentation of payer conversations

Elevate Team Performance

Monitor and score recordings to ensure adherence of best practices through Trace Quality Assurance

Customized Search Options

Provide optimal accessibility to resolve communication breakdowns as recordings are retrievable online by patient name, account number, or any other custom criteria

Now All Parties Are Accountable

With Trace, you can remove the “he said, she said” or more often, the “he didn’t say, she didn’t say.” Just think about how many times there’s conversation around whether or not a patient was properly prepared before coming in for a visit, procedure, or surgery. With Trace in place, clinicians will less often assume an error in patient preparation as a result of an error in the call center or by patient access staff members. Why? Because with Trace, you have the proof.


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Case Study: Work from Home: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

CHOA has experienced positive results from its work-from-home program. Employee satisfaction has improved due to increased flexibility, cost savings and less time and money spent on a daily commute. Leaders have also noted that staff are able to work more accounts during a shift at home than one worked in the office as a result of fewer distractions.

The program has also provided savings for the health system such as supply reduction and has addressed space capacity issues.


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Trace Voice Recording Solutions: Woman on Phone image for Case study with quote

“The automatic-recording functionality within Trace is very important. The functionality really saved us as a facility because we were able to go back and listen to the call in order to make sure we had the right test scheduled and make sure the patient and appointment time were correct. Prior to having automatic-recording functionality, we were at the will of what people said. With automatic-recording functionality, we are able to either recognize incorrect information to get it fixed immediately or prove the department did do their due diligence and scheduled for the correct dates.”

– Manager, 2022

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