Drive consistent communication across teams

Trace® voice solutions help create consistent, predictable communication excellence throughout hospitals and health systems.

Trace voice solutions do more than just capture audio

Trace voice analytics software and solutions offer valuable insights into patient, staff and payer interactions that can change the way you do business. Voice recording solutions from Vyne Medical can document the entire patient experience by capturing communications from pre-authorization, scheduling and registration through to discharge, claims processing and payments. This complete picture puts the data you need at your fingertips.

  • Index and link recordings directly to the patient record for instant access
  • Prevent denials with recorded proof of payer conversations
  • Improve upfront collections and maintain records of patient conversations
  • Monitor and score recordings to ensure adherence to policies and procedures
  • Improve team communication performance and enhance the patient experience
  • Resolve communication breakdowns
  • Provide critical documentation to fight potential litigation challenges
  • Customize search options to provide optimal accessibility
  • Utilize screen recording to augment management oversight and best practices

voice analytics software and solutions

Harness the power of voice recording to hear the full story around patient, payer and provider interactions.

Index recordings by patient account for easy retrieval

Trace enables you to tie voice recordings to the patient record and make that information searchable by patient name, account number or other criteria.

Review, monitor and score for performance evaluation and improvement

Listen to calls live or on-demand to review and score for compliance and quality assurance purposes. Add comments, flag conversations for follow-up, or notify others as needed.

Integrate with existing call recording technology

Trace voice solutions complement other major call center solutions by adding indexing functionality and enhanced functionality like screen recording.

Learn more about Trace voice solutions from Vyne Medical and see how they can help you elevate the patient experience with improved communications.

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