Join the Fax Evolution with Trace® Digital Fax Solutions

Real-time access to fax data across your health system. Reduce paper and automate manual tasks with Trace® digital fax tools.

Traditional fax is mired in inefficiencies ranging from low resolution, to slow transmissions, to mountains of paper waiting for the next manual step. While healthcare has long relied on fax as a means of exchanging information, the reality is that there’s a better way that improves care outcomes, enhances staff alignment and saves money.

At Vyne Medical, we know fax. Our solutions are used to process millions of fax pages annually for hundreds of hospitals across the country. We’re leveraging this expertise to drive an evolution of fax in healthcare.


To our clients, fax is no longer a paper-based process used to send and receive static images for printing, scanning and filing. With our innovative data exchange platform, faxing has become something new – a fully-digital, integrated process producing content that is searchable, accessible and worklist-driven to help automate manual tasks.


With the Trace, faxes may be received in full color in seconds and at a resolution high enough for even diagnostic images to be read. Health records like orders, medical documentation and authorizations are delivered through encrypted exchange networks, helping to eliminate regulatory concerns.


Through integration between Trace and your EHR, faxes can be accessed in real-time across your health system and automatically synced to the patient record. Auto-indexing functionality reads and translates fax content, converting it into data that can be leveraged for search and seamless exchange.


Vyne Medical’s intuitive digital fax tools transform time-consuming, error-prone processes into automated, efficient workflows. Worklists simplify teamwork and make it easy to shift tasks between team members. The impact is greater efficiency, lower costs and the ability to reallocate resources to areas where they’re needed most.

Learn how Moffitt Cancer Center used Trace digital fax solutions to transform its financial clearance unit in the webinar, Going Digital: How to Securely Exchange Data Without Fax Machines.

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