Create a better patient financial experience

The Trace® platform puts “service” at the forefront for patient financial services and billing teams.

When patients have questions about their hospital bills, the patient financial services team is responsible for resolving their issues. Having easy access to the right tools for locating the data needed to resolve disputes is key. The Trace platform provides a complete view of all patient financial information.

With Trace, everything is indexed and accessible as part of the patient record. Faxed documentation, payer and patient conversations, website authorizations, email approvals – they’re all linked to the patient’s record and available to the teams that need them.

Trace provides a centralized, digital platform where employees can:

  • Double-check demographic and insurance information, investigate patient complaints and deescalate concerns
  • Download insurance company forms for easy retrieval
  • Check claim status with ready access to authorizations / payer conversations
  • Cross-reference call recordings between billing and registration systems
  • Conduct quality assurance monitoring to ensure staff deliver appropriate service levels
  • Promote collaboration and efficiency between departments by making patient documentation immediately available as part of the patient record

Floyd Medical Center Improves Quality, Financial Performance, and Patient Experience

Learn how Floyd Medical Center is driving ROI with improved quality, financial performance and patient experience by watching our recent webinar.

Trace offers solutions that can help you...

Improve the patient experience and financial performance

A chronological view of voice, fax and electronic data surrounding the patient provides an objective reference to improve both the patient experience and the hospital’s financial performance.

Record and track insurance authorizations and check claim status

Recorded authorization phone calls, captured emails and linked faxes give teams easy access to all of the information they need to investigate financial questions posed by patients.

Measure staff compliance and performance

Recording and evaluating staff interactions gives leaders the ability to track performance over time and integrate quality assurance as part of a patient-first culture.

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Lowell General Hospital Boosts Revenue Cycle Performance with Trace

Lowell General partnered with Vyne Medical for implementation of Trace in 2011. Since then, the hospital has leveraged the suite of voice, fax and image tools to streamline and support revenue cycle processes in departments such as the Patient Access Call Center, Patient Financial Services and Patient Accounting. Click here to learn more about the impact of Trace at Lowell General.

Become more efficient and empower unprecedented access to patient data using the Trace solution.

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