Tracker is Healthcare's Hub for Quick Access to Disparate Data

A central repository system storing documented communication events and information directly tied to the patient record.

Tracker simplifies the retrieval of patient audit trails by consolidating faxes and documents, images, and audio recordings into one place for rapid access. Empowering healthcare teams to expedite the gathering of vital documentation to combat denials and streamline workflows, Tracker facilitates comprehensive and cohesive healthcare delivery by enhancing the accuracy and coherence of patient records.

Integrate, Connect, Enable, Expedite


with two or more software systems through either FIHR, HL7, export, import, or custom integrations


faxes, images, and audio recordings to the patient record through one easy to use platform 


an audit trail of a patient’s journey through your health system, following a particular patient visit or across multiple patient visits 


the gathering of vital documentation to streamline workflows and fight denials

Advantages of Tracker


Easily index data from faxes, images, documents, and recordings directly to the patient’s EMR from a centralized platform 


Designate specific tasks as critical, automatically assigning them to the appropriate worklist, where teams can promptly address and manage urgent needs


Foster transparency among departments by providing real-time visibility into the ongoing tasks, communication events, and worklists across all teams 


Utilize advanced search options to easily pinpoint transactions from a specific physician’s office or within a desired date range 

Cost Savings

Improve your Return on Investment (ROI) by expediting team members’ access to essential documentation during the denials process

Case Study: How to Establish Proof of Patient Authorizations to Overturn Denials

Improving front-end workflows through the power of Trace helped Moffitt Cancer Center establish proof of patient authorizations to help overturn denials and reduce the percentage of denied revenue dollars.


Read the Case Study

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With how we are using Trace, we are happy. The thing I like the most about Trace is that it is easy to index our patient -relevant information. I like that the system combines the recording, the facts, and the screenshots all into one solution.

– Director, 2023

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