Frequently Asked Questions

What does Vyne Medical’s Trace solution do?

Vyne Medical’s Trace platform provides functionality that records, indexes, and centrally stores various types of communication and information (e.g., phone calls, faxes, website images). Customers can use the system to provide proof to payers to resolve possible denials; some also use recorded calls to coach customer service representatives.

What departments / teams can Vyne Medical help the most?

While Trace from Vyne Medical can improve workflows for any department, there are a handful of teams that have been proven to see benefits beyond the average process improvements. Those departments or use cases include:

  • Admissions
  • Authorizations
  • Case Management
  • Denial Management
  • IT
  • Order Management
  • Patient Access
  • Patient Financial Services
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Scheduling

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Which parts of the revenue cycle is Trace best suited for?

Trace provides solutions for revenue cycle teams at the Front End, Middle and Back End.

  • Front End—Registration, patient access (authorization, eligibility), financial clearance, etc.
  • Middle—Revenue integrity, coding, medical records, etc.
  • Back End—Billing/accounts receivable, claims & denials, utilization reviews, etc.

How does Vyne Medical provide value to clients?

The Trace platform provides value in many different ways and is perhaps best summed-up by this note in the KLAS Revenue Cycle Unicorns Report: “The main value Vyne provides is in the form of recorded phone calls and faxes, along with website screenshots. This evidence helps organizations bring hard information to the payer when a claim is denied, reducing denials and saving time and effort spent negotiating payments; for one organization, use of the Trace system helped them reduce denials by 75%. Another valuable use case is recording employee/patient interactions for quality review and service coaching. The information stored in the system is indexed, enabling users to quickly pull needed files.”

What makes the Trace solution unique in the revenue cycle market? What revenue cycle gaps does it fill for customers?

The Trace solution connects disconnected data to create a more complete patient record and interfaces typically disparate data with the EHR and other critical systems to improve client performance. Trace is healthcare specific and helps clients manage all types of information (e.g., phone and face-to-face conversations, exchange of documents, faxes, images, etc.)—and indexes each record to the patient to fill many performance gaps. For example, trying to get authorizations of care often requires multiple steps such as visits to the payer portal, phone conversations, and exchanges of supporting documentation. Trace holds the key to proficiency for our clients as all the fragmented data is documented, centrally located, organized, and easy to retrieve and share, resulting in the ability to provide complete, accurate information to fill any disparities throughout the claim life cycle—from intake to authorization and payment.

What outcomes can customers expect from using Trace?

Vyne Medical’s Trace solution is proven to help clients achieve improved outcomes related to financial performance, patient experience, alignment, and compliance. From the financial performance perspective, our customers achieve reduced denied claims, reduced A/R days, lower cost to collect, and improved up-front collections. Through verbal communication scoring, monitoring, and tracking, physician and staff alignment are enhanced, and patient experience improves, resulting in greater loyalty and efficiency. The Trace solution is encrypted and completely paperless and allows management to track staff performance from any location, making it a valuable solution for both on-site and remote workforces.

Contact us to find out more about how Trace can help drive revenue growth, enhance patient and staff experiences and improve process workflows.

Does Trace integrate with electronic health records (EHRs)?

Trace integrates with most major EHR vendor solutions including Epic®, Cerner®, Allscripts™, Meditech®, McKesson HPF®, Siemens’ Solarian®, Sovera® and others. Trace is also featured in the Epic App Orchard to provide user with easy integration and indexing of voice data into Epic.

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