Reduce Admissions Paperwork and Expedite Pre-Certifications

Put an end to the manual back-and-forth of tracking down admission paperwork and pre-certification documentation with contactless registration, e-fax and voice recording solutions powered by the Trace® platform.

Spending day after day chasing down paperwork isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, so why not simplify that task for your Admissions team? With an uptick in the adoption of electronic registration processes in many healthcare systems, you may already be seeing the advantages of process automation for admissions and registration.

Trace offers solutions that can help admissions teams not only gather patient information electronically, but directly link it to the patient record. All admission forms – regardless of whether they are received via encrypted email, fax, image, or paper, can be easily captured and automatically linked to the patient record.

  • Electronically receive admission orders, conduct admission reviews and process authorizations
  • Eliminate lost faxes, improving the team’s ability to process admissions
  • Link pre-certification documents and payer conversations to the patient record with fax, image and voice recording tools
  • Improve access to patient information with documents that are immediately available as part of the patient record
  • Implement a contactless patient registration experience by utilizing mobile devices to take photos of documents and upload demographic information directly into Trace
  • Enable patients to submit sensitive information electronically in an encrypted manner with SecureSend™. Information is uploaded and transmitted via web server where files are encrypted both in transit and on the server, preventing content from being viewed or extracted by anyone other than the sender or recipient.

Trace offers solutions that can help you...

Upgrade your admissions process for a better patient experience

Better serve the needs of your patients by simplifying the registration and admission encounter.

Create a contactless registration experience

While using Trace on a mobile device or tablet, teams can take and upload photos of patient demographic documents (registration forms, photo IDs, insurance cards, etc.)

Empower patients to send protected digital files electronically

Using SecureSend, patients can submit requested admissions documentation via a link provided by email or text message.

Find out how using Trace to streamline your admissions and pre-certification processes could improve your overall patient satisfaction.

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