Bringing “Order” to Physician Order Management

Help put an end to lost and misdirected orders by using the Trace® solution for order management. From faxes to phone calls, easily capture and digitize your team’s interactions, then link them to the patient record for immediate access.

If you’ve ever done the “paper-chase” for orders in your healthcare system, you know how frustrating it can be, not only for your team, but also for the patients and physicians you serve. When orders get misplaced, misdirected and misfiled, everyone loses. That’s why more and more hospitals and healthcare systems are leveraging computerized physician order entry & management tools from Vyne Medical.

Trace puts the patient at the center of the order management process. All relevant interactions including scheduling orders, phone calls and documentation can be captured and linked to the patient record for immediate access across the organization. No matter where a patient arrives for service in your healthcare system, you can search by name and find the order. This assurance helps to streamline the patient experience from the referral to the point of service.

  • Orders are managed through a single process no matter how they are received
  • All orders are available enterprise-wide for immediate access
  • Referring providers can receive electronic confirmation of order scheduling
  • Orders phoned-in by physicians can be recorded and verified in case discrepancies arise

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Trace offers solutions that can help you...

Eliminate lost orders

Manage all orders – fax, electronic and verbal – through an integrated digital process. Track orders with date and time stamp and automatically export to the EHR so they become part of the patient record.

Reduce hold time and busy lines

Submit referral confirmations automatically via electronic fax rather than wasting time with phone calls and manual follow-ups. Reduce hold time and busy lines, streamline processes and free up staff for more time with patients.

Improve order accessibility

Provide access enterprise-wide so each department can track its own orders, run reports for scheduled procedures and create worklists to ensure orders are complete and accurate prior to service.

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