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Automatically share records between systems and team members for improved accuracy and consistency across the continuum.

More than $36 billion has been spent to promote the use of electronic health records over the past 10 years, but the industry’s progress toward interoperability remains slow. Even though many healthcare systems have adopted EHRs to capture patient information electronically, only a small percentage are able to routinely exchange that data with other providers.

Many hospitals and physicians continue to communicate largely through traditional paper-based methods—risking data loss, errors and security breaches along the way. Exchanges are often either undocumented or inaccessible as they are stored files or siloed systems that cannot be quickly searched or shared.

Digital Audit Trail

Vyne Medical’s Trace® platform helps optimize hospital workflows by facilitating the electronic exchange of patient health data and thereby ensuring that relevant information is available at the point of need. Trace creates a digital audit trail of information exchanged across departments and entities, providing valuable business intelligence to improve care coordination and promote better outcomes for patients.

Integrated Repository

Trace offers products to capture virtually any interaction regardless of the communication method – voice, phone, fax, image, or electronic exchange. Even unstructured data from sources like ancillary systems, paper files and verbal exchanges can be captured and integrated with the patient record. When connected through Trace, these touchpoints create a data trail that can be analyzed for valuable business intelligence about the patient, the hospital’s processes and opportunities for improvement.

Flexible Worklists

When received through Trace, information is indexed to the patient account and available in real time across the healthcare system. Custom fields offer the ability to filter data by team and create worklists based on the unique workflows of each functional area. When they need information, departments can go directly to the source rather than searching through paper files or asking other areas for missing data.

Seamless Exchange

Vyne Medical’s integration solutions allow hospitals to safeguard and seamlessly exchange protected health information for simplified communication management. Interfaces between Trace and other hospital systems make data immediately accessible across the enterprise, eliminating manual efforts like printing and scanning. Real-time access fosters a more efficient work environment, better collaboration among teams and improved service to the organization’s key stakeholders.

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