Streamlining Scheduling Drives Accuracy and Accountability

Reduce no-shows and miscommunications with electronic order scheduling. Ensure that every order is complete, accurate and accessible prior to service.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could to figure out a way to reduce no-shows for scheduled appointments, tests and procedures, and make it possible for every team to instantly access patient orders and information at the moment they need it most? You’re in luck, with the help of the Trace® platform from Vyne Medical, you can.

Trace promotes better communication between scheduling teams and ancillary departments with an intelligent, electronic solution built to manage virtually every piece of data that surrounds patient appointments – scheduling phone calls, insurance verifications, physician and lab orders, results and even appeals. With the Trace solution in place, scheduling teams can even track adherence to instructions for quality scoring and monitoring.

  • Capture inbound/outbound patient scheduling calls, physician orders and lab requests
  • Proactively manage authorizations to help reduce denials
  • Leverage clinical information from the EHR to send to insurance companies
  • Download insurance company appeal documents into a central repository

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Trace offers solutions that can help you...

Improve order accessibility across departments

Linked orders are indexed to the patient account and accessible across all departments – Radiology, Admitting, Lab, and other ancillary areas.

Enable more efficient communications with external providers

Efficiently exchange data with patient-related rehabilitation centers, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, directly from the patient record in the EHR.

Record scheduling calls for compliance

Review conversations to ensure instructions are relayed to patients appropriately and audit processes for quality improvement.

Learn how using the Trace solution for scheduling could help your streamline workflows, improve process compliance and enhance the overall patient experience.

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