Connecting Data through Integration Solutions

Manage disparate data through a single interface. Trace® integration solutions connect disconnected data for a more complete patient record.

Technology integration remains one of the most significant challenges plaguing the healthcare industry today.

It’s expensive, time-consuming and often thwarted by disparate systems that don’t share data well, if at all. According to Black Book research, 52 percent of hospitals don’t use patient information outside their EHR because data from external providers is simply not available through their EHR’s workflow.

At Vyne Medical, we are adept at integrating systems and connecting data that would otherwise exist in disparate silos. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time helps facilitate faster responses, smoother transitions and better outcomes and experiences for patients.


Trace® Integration Solutions make it easy to share patient medical records while safe-guarding protected health information. Virtually any document can be digitized and distributed to a specific team or individual. Automation of manual tasks, such as fax confirmations and text reminders, helps clients improve data accuracy and reduce unnecessary delays.

Time and Cost Savings. The Trace platform gives hospitals and healthcare systems the ability to automatically exchange digital data, thereby eliminating the need to print, scan and manually fax. Reducing these repetitive, error-prone processes saves administrative time and minimizes document delivery and storage costs. Hospitals also reduce costs by removing redundant document management and fax server technologies.

EHR Integration

Disparate data such as physician orders, benefit information, authorization data, self-pay estimates, and more can be captured and automatically integrated to the patient record through the Trace platform. Information within Trace seamlessly integrates with leading EHR vendors such as Epic, Allscripts, Cerner, McKesson HPF, Siemens’ Soarian, and Sovera.


At Vyne Medical, we’re committed to developing new ways to connect healthcare data to help our hospital clients improve patient satisfaction, financial performance and quality assurance. Just a few examples are leveraging data captured with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent denials, enhancing dashboards and analytics to improve business intelligence, and providing comprehensive toolsets to measure quality across processes.

Case in point

Integration between Trace and Epic gives hospitals the ability to auto-populate patient data into Trace and auto-index voice recordings to the patient record, all without changing screens. To learn more, click here.

4 types of integrations for the Vyne Medical Trace platform

The Trace interface engine is extremely flexible and supports a variety of integrated data formats.

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