Connecting Data for a Remote Workforce

Vyne Medical’s work-from-home platform offers a fully integrated suite of digital voice, fax and image management solutions accessible from virtually anywhere.

Vyne Medical provides hospitals with solutions that enable teams to work productively and with high quality both on-site and remotely. As roles transition to work-from-home settings, health systems are leveraging our solutions to preserve relationship-centered care, communication and teamwork.

Remote teams that use the Trace® platform can easily share, collaborate and access data through a single, centralized platform. Records are indexed to the patient ID and integrated with critical systems like EHRs so they can be accessed on demand.

Trace Anywhere.

Trace provides an integrated suite of solutions that users can access virtually anywhere, allowing hospitals to sustain continuity of care regardless of the location of their employees. Activities are indexed to the patient record and automatically exported to the EHR for enterprise access and exchange.

Efficient Implementation.

Vyne Medical works with your hospital and remote employees to ensure a quick and successful implementation, walking through key steps such as application deployment and remote network access.

Paperless Faxing.

Empower your team to become paperless with seamless integration to your EHR. Digital tools establish a protected environment to centralize all fax, document and image communications – whether captured remotely or in the office. Records are interfaced to critical systems to improve workflow, service levels and team collaboration.

Voice Recording.

Vyne Medical provides multiple options to record phone calls remotely, working with IT and telecom teams to determine the best fit for each area.

Hospitals using Trace work-from-home solutions report a productivity increase of up to 28%.

With more teams working remotely than ever before as a result of the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to explore work-from-home solutions.

Quality Assurance.

Solutions help managers monitor and track team performance in areas like quality, process compliance and message consistency to reinforce communication best practices among both on-site and remote teams.


Custom dashboards and tailored reports help leaders assess team productivity in real-time, comparing against both historical performance and productivity baselines.

Driving Results.

Hospitals leverage Trace work-from-home solutions in response to a range of scenarios including the pandemic, weather-related events, space constraints, and employee relocations. Outcomes include increased employee retention and satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, enhanced communication consistency, and improved productivity.

A revenue cycle leader at Moffitt Cancer Center stated, “It’s great to have the flexibility to quickly scale up a remote team to keep operations running seamlessly.” To learn more about how the center is leveraging Trace tools remotely, click here.

Find out how Trace work-from-home solutions can help your teams stay connected from anywhere — at home or in the office.

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