Connecting Disconnected Data both at home and in the office for more efficient workflows.

Creating an “Anywhere” Revenue Cycle Team

Work-from-home programs are on the rise in nearly every industry, and health care is no exception. More and more healthcare organizations are now following the work-from-home trend for eligible revenue cycle roles such as scheduling, pre-registration, insurance verification, billing and collections.

The benefits of work-from-home strategies are well documented, with studies showing marked improvements in productivity, job satisfaction and work-life balance among employees. But how do health systems effectively manage security, compliance and collaboration among remote employees?

Vyne Medical can help. Our Trace platform can help create a more complete patient record by Connecting Disconnected Data both at home and in the office.

Trace Anywhere

Using the Trace Anywhere package, you can move your Revenue Cycle employees out of the office and into their homes, saving money, reducing spacing concerns, and increasing team productivity. NAHAM (Producer). (2016). Working From Home: Best Practices by Patient Access Leaders in the Know [Webinar].

The Trace solution enables a secure, paperless environment for centralizing all voice, fax, document and image communications remotely or in the office. Records are indexed to the patient and interfaced to critical systems, such as the EHR, to improve workflow, compliance, service levels & team collaboration. New tools, such as custom dashboards and tailored reports, allow hospital management to monitor remote employee productivity, compliance and quality as if the employee were working in the office.


The Trace Anywhere solution allows your team to become 100% paperless, with seamless integration with your hospital or health system’s EHR, and comes with built in dashboards to help you, as a manager, monitor and track team performance, quality, compliance, and consistency. With the Trace Anywhere solution you have the option to get:

  • Tracker™– An intuitive web interface of voice, fax and electronic communication. Records are indexed by patient and other custom criteria for easy search, sort, delivery and retrieval.
  • PixCert® – Capture web pages, patient records, scanned documents and images through any web-enabled PC. The tool captures activities performed through web sites, electronic documents and emails. Captured images are indexed and can be routed through Trace or electronically faxed to any outside party.
  • FaxCert® (if enabled) – Facilitate electronic faxing – eliminating the need to print, scan and manually fax documents. The tool automatically captures both inbound and outbound faxes, along with details such as sender/recipient, date/time and proof of receipt. Faxes are digitized, indexed by patient and available for retrieval and routing through Trace. Alerts provide notice of new faxes, unsuccessful transmission and delivery confirmation.
  • Voice On-Demand™ – Facilitate user-initiated recording of incoming and outgoing calls and voicemails. A hardware connection between the phone and PC gives users the ability to index, bookmark and add comments to calls while recording.
  • Trace Quality Assurance™ – Used to perform quality assurance of staff communication by one manager. Custom scorecards and reporting tools give hospitals the ability to track and trend quality scores by team, agent and question.

Discover how Trace Anywhere could help your organization implement a successful work from home program.


Trace establishes a central repository throughout the patient continuum. From processing an incoming faxed physician order to monitoring the quality of a post-discharge follow-up phone call, Trace is an industry leading solution to connect disconnected data in the revenue cycle, thus creating a more complete patient record.

5 Myths about Having a Virtual Revenue Cycle

In our conversations with revenue cycle management teams across the country, we’ve heard all the myths that hold you back from reaping the benefits of a virtual revenue cycle. On the other hand, we’ve also seen the successes. Read our infographic and learn how to separate fact from fiction as you find out how you can make work-from-home a possibility for your team.


Your team will have the flexibility and functionality that complements the work from home environment to deliver maximum revenue cycle performance from… anywhere.

  • Enable a secure, paperless environment from any location
  • Accessibility to and management of all revenue cycle communications including: phone, email, fax, voicemail, documents, images, data
  • Seamless integration with patient records within the EHR


  • Reports and Dashboards to monitor individual and team performance, compliance and collaboration
  • Trace Quality Assurance (TQA) to monitor and track verbal communication consistency, and now, screen recordings for reliable quality scoring, quality and compliance
  • Tools to measure productivity of in-office versus remote employees


Moving employees from an in-office setting to an at-home environment with the right tools in place, comes with undeniable advantages. Among the benefits are cost reduction, recruitment, retention and employee satisfaction. Most notably, increased productivity is a resounding result with a majority of at-home teams.

SOURCE: NAHAM (Producer). (2016). Working From Home: Best Practices by Patient Access Leaders in the Know [Webinar].

Want to learn more about moving your team to an at home environment?

New trends are emerging across the country in Patient Access. Following the trends of other industry leaders, Patient Access experts are learning the value of an at home workforce. The drivers behind this shift range from employee satisfaction and retention to cost reductions, and increased productivity. Moving a workforce to an at-home environment demands certain considerations, such as a paperless revenue cycle, facility compliance, proper home office environments, secure access, and a method of monitoring productivity, compliance and team collaboration.

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