Simplifying Information Management for Improved Patient Access

Efficiently track, communicate and deliver quality patient experiences every time with the Trace® platform.

Our Patient Access services is a hub for provider-patient interactions and plays a critical role in driving the patient experience. Having access to the complete patient record including ancillary data like electronic faxes, recorded phone calls, email exchanges, and other information that may reside outside the electronic health record is key. The Trace solution from Vyne Medical provides patient access teams with a central repository for a multitude of types of patient information.

With Trace, all communications can be easily managed – faxed physician orders, screen- captured eligibility information, pre-registration phone calls, printed service estimates, emailed financial counseling information, face-to-face patient instructions, and more – all this information is indexed and accessible from the patient record. Whether at scheduling, registration, financial counseling or at the bedside, conversations can be monitored for QA, training and service recovery.

  • Electronically receive and track physician orders, conduct admission reviews and process authorizations
  • Streamline digital fax management with automated fax notifications and worklists
  • Link precertification documents, authorizations and payer conversations to the patient record with fax, image and voice recording tools
  • Record patient encounters to reinforce best practices in patient financial communications such as self-pay estimates and point of service collections
  • Conduct communication quality and compliance monitoring to ensure appropriate service levels, information delivery and and data collection
  • Improve collaboration and efficiency between departments by making patient documentation immediately available when and where it’s needed

How Trace Helped Transform Patient Access at Mercy Medical Center

Patient Access at Mercy Medical Center transformed a struggling unit to a robust call center that schedules both hospital services and physician office appointments. Check out this webinar to learn how Mercy improved outcomes so significantly that Patient Access was selected to add therapy and physician office scheduling to its services.

Trace offers solutions that can help you...

Establish proof of authorization to help prevent and overturn denied claims

Record authorization phone calls, capture emails and link faxes to give teams ready access to all of the information they need to fight and win the denials battle.

Integrate quality assurance as part of a patient-first culture

Measure staff policy adherence and performance with the Quality Assurance solution. Review and score call recordings with custom scorecards to track performance and identify training needs.

Boost service levels to patients, clinicians and payers

By recording all staff encounters, the team is able to investigate patient, provider and payer concerns and objectively resolve issues when they arise.

Moffitt Cancer Center achieved sustainable results by redefining workflows

Moffitt implemented Trace to capture and integrate patient financial data such as benefits, financial clearance and pre-registration information for enterprise access and exchange. Moffitt leveraged this data to assist patients in making informed care decisions, to ensure financial coverage for care and to communicate upfront the cost of services. Read about their success story.


Learn how Trace can help improve patient experiences by transforming the way your organization approaches patient access.

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