Winning the Battle of Denials Management

Stop denials in their tracks with the Trace® solution for denials management. Trace offers easy access to the proof you need to prevent denials and win appeals.

Insurance claim denials cost providers millions of dollars each year, not only in claims denied but also in resources dedicated to managing them. 

Administration activities associated with claims and billing accounts for nearly one out of every three dollars that patients spend on healthcare, according to a nationwide survey.

Vyne Medical’s denial management solutions help hundreds of hospitals recover millions of dollars in denied claims each year. We’re committed to helping you receive full and accurate reimbursement for the work you do every day.

Objective Proof

The Trace platform from Vyne Medical helps you prevent and overturn denials by establishing objective proof of payer authorization and coverage data. Trace offers tools to capture any payer interaction whether it occurs by phone, fax or online.

  • Voice: Record payer phone calls and voicemails for proof of authorization
  • Fax: Capture notification and medical documentation submitted to payers
  • Online: Document verification of benefits and eligibility from payer websites


Linked to the Patient

When a payer gives an authorization number or states that authorization is not required, Trace enables you to easily document the encounter and seamlessly tie it to the patient record. If the claim is later denied, you simply search by patient and produce the proof needed to stop the denial before it starts.

Added Efficiency

Trace puts the proof you need at your fingertips and puts an end to the paper chase often associated with denials management. By reducing time spent on claims administration, Trace gives you the ability to reallocate valuable resources to the areas you need them most.

Accessible System-wide

The true power of the Trace platform is that it digitally captures and centralizes communication around the patient for easy access across your organization. This reduces back and forth between teams as they collaborate to fight and win the denials battle. The result is fewer denials, shorter appeals, and better outcomes.

Trace was an integral part of a robust denial prevention program at Moffitt Cancer Center that helped reduce denials from 14 percent of gross charges to 8 percent of gross charges billed ROI. Read more about their ROI strategy here.

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