Comprehensive Capture and Management Exchange Platform

We’re continuing our look at the four keys to an effective health information exchange and communication platform, as written by our CEO and President, Lindy Benton. In case you missed it, here is the first key, continue reading for the second key, or click here for the full article.

A successful information and communication exchange platform must have the ability to capture and manage the full spectrum of available patient data.

While a portion of patient data is documented in the electronic record, a significant amount resides in outside sources such as ancillary systems, paper files and verbal exchanges. The ability to capture and tie this information to the patient record closes gaps in documentation and provides a comprehensive view of processes across the continuum.

Software is now available to capture any type of exchange – be it voice, fax or electronic – and store it in a central location for immediate viewing, processing and retrieval. These solutions allow providers to document interactions, such as phone calls, faxes, web visits – even face-to-face conversations – for a complete picture of the patient’s path across the health system.

While a significant number of health systems already record phone calls with patients, the ability to integrate these recordings to the patient record is uncharted territory for many. Recordings of phone calls and face-to-face conversations can now be indexed to the patient account and combined with fax and electronic record for a more inclusive view of patient information exchanged across the continuum.

This digital audit trail of the patient’s experience provides valuable intelligence to ensure accuracy and consistency across departments, promote quality assurance and improve performance for the health system.

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