How Floyd Medical Center is Driving ROI with Trace

Learn how Floyd Medical Center is driving ROI with improved quality, financial performance and patient experience by watching our recent webinar. You can also review the summary below to learn how Yolanda Miller, Patient Access Director, leverages best practices to maximize the impact of Trace® software across a range of functional areas throughout the health system.


Floyd’s pre-registration area is a one-stop shop for scheduling, insurance verification, authorization, and pre-service collections. Staff record calls with patients and capture key elements such as procedure instructions, self-pay estimates and copay requests. Reviewing these discussions provides insight into the appropriate use of scripting and keywords, as well as improves accuracy to give point of service staff greater confidence in the quality of these encounters. By covering these key steps prior to service, Floyd can provide a more efficient check-in for patients at the point of admission.

“When a patient survey indicated an employee was rude, I was able to listen to the interaction before meeting with the employee.”

-Flora Buck, CPAR, Patient Access Manager

Insurance Verification & Authorization

The Trace® platform is used to capture interactions with payers whether they occur by phone, fax or online. When a payer provides authorization or states that no authorization is required, staff records the call for proof to help overturn and prevent denials. Faxes are also captured for proof of timely notification.

In response to COVID-19, Floyd looked for ways to support employees working from home. Vyne Medical worked quickly to connect remote Insurance Verification staff, giving management the ability to monitor the quality and productivity of at-home employees. The shift was seamless, providing safety and flexibility for employees while alleviating space constraints on-site.

“[Trace] Anywhere has really helped with the pandemic in allowing our teams to work from home while social distancing has been encouraged.”

Trudy Williams, Insurance Verification, Supervisor Pre-Registration Services


As a LEAN organization, Floyd looks for any opportunity to reduce rework and process duplication. Capturing pre-service encounters gives the registration team the ability to reference recordings for needed data rather than repeating the patient interview at the point of admission. A time study showed that patients who were pre-registered saved an average of six minutes at registration. This expedites patient throughput to service areas, improving the patient experience and enhancing relationships with ancillary partners. Registration also leverages face-to-face recording to capture in-person encounters at admission. This process has resulted in improved quality, as well as an increase in point of service collections. In 2019, Floyd drove $2.4 million in pre-service and point of service collections, exceeding its goal by more than $300,000.

“Face-to-face recording has significantly improved the quality of our registration data.”

–  Melinda Turner, Assistant Director, Registration Services

Case Management

Floyd’s case management department leverages recordings of conversations with insurance companies to help overturn denials and win appeals. Phone calls and faxes that reference concurrent review, level of care discussions and continued stay conversations are recorded for proof to support full and accurate reimbursement. Trace is also used to capture and send medical documentation to payers in support of claims. This creates a seamless electronic process, saving time and reducing paper consumption in case management.

“A fax from Trace is accessible by anyone versus only being accessible on that person’s computer.”

– Wanda Hughes, MA, CPAR, Denials and RAC Coordinator

Quality Improvement

Floyd has implemented a comprehensive quality review process across all areas of Patient Access. Recording and scoring registration conversations helps improve the quality of patient encounters by ensuring that representatives employ appropriate scripting, express empathy and gather necessary documentation from patients. When Floyd initiated the scoring process, not a single representative scored at the A level. Today, more than 90 percent of representatives maintain A-level quality.

“I like face-to-face because it helps me know if training is needed with a staff member. It helps give accurate data for employee evaluations.”

– Flora Buck, CPAR, Patient Access Manager

Audit & Compliance

Capturing communication helps to promote compliance with Floyd’s internal guidelines, state and federal regulations and regulatory audits. For the CMS MSPQ audit, for example, Floyd referenced recordings to demonstrate adherence with action plans post-audit, checking to be sure representatives follow guidelines by asking the appropriate meaningful use questions.

Denials & Appeals

In denials management, teams reference recordings and documentation captured by Patient Access to help prevent and overturn denied claims. Call recordings, transcripts, faxes, and electronic images create a digital repository of data to support reimbursement. Floyd has a proven track record of leveraging this data to get paid for their work and to help drive ROI in the tools they use to support the process.

“Our recorded [phone] documentation and PixCert [electronic] documents have been instrumental in the overturning of denials. We consider it securing the hospital’s revenue.”

– Susan Daniel, CHAM, Assistant Director, Pre-Registration Services

Patient Financial Services & Customer Service

Trace provides a reliable, easily accessible dashboard to help resolve complaints and troubleshoot issues. In Trace, Patient Financial Services and Customer Service representatives can search by patient to review all available data related to the patient encounter, from pre-registration to the point of service and beyond. A chronological view of voice, fax and electronic data surrounding the patient provides an objective reference to improve both the patient experience and the hospital’s financial performance.

“Trace helps in addressing complaints and customer service issues with employees.”

-Flora Buck, CPAR, Patient Access Manager


Watch our recent webinar below to learn more about how Floyd Medical Center Improved Quality, Financial Performance and the Patient Experience with Trace:

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