HIMSS Hangover: Your Post-Event Recap


By now, we’ve all rested our feet from the more than 15,000 steps each day at HIMSS.  It’s still puzzling whether the exhaustion lingered due to the normal impact of Las Vegas or the overwhelming force of HIMSS. Every year, this event takes months to prepare and feels like it’s over in a flash, leaving attendees in a daze sorting through all the business cards, lessons learned, and future technology information gathered.  To help with your HIMSS hangover, let’s recap some of the highlights.

Vyne Medical Employee with the Most Steps in a single day: Molly Maron (17,186)
Vyne Medical Employee with the Most Steps during HIMSS: Molly Maron (75,471—WOW!)

This year, 43,979 members of the Health IT community took over the Las Vegas strip to share innovative ideas and solutions.  Like birds of a feather, healthcare professionals flocked from one booth to another and session to session, networking and collecting as much swag and content as they could grab while vendors lured them in with enticing activities and attractions.

Top Priorities of 2018 Attendees:

  • Patient Experience
  • Integration
  • Filling the gaps in solution sets

Vyne Medical is dedicated to helping hospitals with their Patient Experience initiatives while integrating seamlessly with other solution vendors. Trace by Vyne Medical is a complete communications solution, connecting disconnected data and centralizing information into each patient record. Users of Trace by Vyne Medical have discovered many benefits including reduced denials, increased productivity, operational efficiency, and improved patient satisfaction.

While we were there we noticed that many attendees commented how overused buzzwords were this year, blending vendors with one another.  It was a common compliment given to us that we stood out with unique, simple and straight-forward phrases including: “connecting disconnected data” and “creating a more complete patient record”

Top 3 most overused buzzwords:

  • Best Practices
  • Innovative
  • Blockchain

Overall, the content was yet again stellar this year. Industry leaders came together and shared compelling stories and lessons learned with other providers looking to reshape our healthcare landscape into the future. As expected, we found the 4 sessions we were anticipating to be very valuable with knowledge.  Additionally, two speakers at the HIMSS18 Revenue Cycle Summit, Lynne Hildreth and Heidi Peris, spoke to packed rooms and stopped by our booth for Q&A’s. Patti Consolver’s presentation in the general session about Working from Home in the Revenue Cycle lead to 20 minutes of Q&A. Their time in our booth answering questions pertaining to denials, operational efficiency, and virtual workforce was also a major hit!

As is with real estate, location is everything! Anyone else notice how the big dogs were all together upstairs, while the underdogs were together downstairs? It had a very Downton Abbey feel to it…

Top Swag:

  • Sunglasses
  • Yeti Cooler
  • Tote Bags

Networking is especially important to building relationships.  Regardless of its massive attendance, Vyne Medical established many new relationships this year.  We also participated in the virtual conversations on social media.

 Vyne Medical’s Top 3 Tweets:

  • At yesterday’s ‪#HIMSS18 ‪#RevCycleSummit, Lynne Hildreth from @MoffittCancerCenter covered how to improve operational efficiency and lower the high cost of denials Didn’t get to go? Want to hear more? She’ll be at booth 11118 at 11:00am! ‪#WomeninHIT ‪#RethinkRCM
  • 2018 is the year to move more employees home – find out how to successfully integrate a ‪#workfromhome program in your hospital from Patti Consolver, @TexasHealthResources. At 1pm today she’ll be speaking on Implementing Work-from-Home in the Revenue Cycle. You’ll learn so much!
  • Two of the speakers from today’s ‪#HIMSS18 Revenue Cycle Summit will be at booth 11118 tomorrow answering questions! Heidi Peris ‪@ClevelandClinic at 10am and Lynne Hildreth from @MoffittCancerCenter at 11am. Don’t miss this chance to get your questions answered! ‪#WomeninHIT

Best Hashtag from HIMSS: #HIMSSanity

Now the real work begins! As exhausting as an event like HIMSS may be, it’s how you implement the knowledge gained that matters most.  After settling back into your office and catching up, follow these steps to get the most out of the week spent at HIMSS:

  • Review your notes—Ask yourself what you can integrate into your hospital!
  • Connect with the people you met
  • Follow the organizations you visited
  • Send personal emails to people that made an impact in conversation
  • Kick up your feet and let them rest!

Vyne Medical already looking forward to HIMSS19! Until then, we welcome you to check out our most recent publishing: Executive’s Guide to Implementing a Denials Program. In this guide, you’ll learn how Moffitt Cancer Center reduced their denials by 50%.

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