How Cloud Fax Can Benefit Healthcare Systems

The Efficiencies of Cloud Fax

Converting to an electronic fax process can reduce document delivery costs such as maintenance, telecom costs, and paper as well as reducing equipment and IT burden of maintaining the machines. Centralizing fax and electronic communication gives providers the opportunity to reduce costs and risks associated with standalone fax machines, but by converting to an electronic process, providers also gain the benefit of a digital audit trail of individuals who have accessed each record.

Healthcare organizations must be able to send and receive electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) regularly.  If you fax PHI, you must ensure the safety of this sensitive information in transit. Need a digital fax solution that can fire on all cylinders?

How Moffitt Cancer Center Partnered with Vyne Medical to Streamline their Fax Processes:

At Moffitt Cancer Center, Vyne MedicalⓇ’s digital faxing solutions have been used to transform the financial clearance unit, which processes approximately 10,000 faxed pre-authorization requests each week. All faxes go to a single number and are accessible electronically to the entire team. Automated worklists simplify teamwork, making it easy to divide and shift work between members. After processing, authorizations are sent automatically to the patient record through integration between Vyne Medical and the center’s EHR. This ensures that the EHR and incoming faxes are in sync, reducing the need to view fax data through a different application.

Digital faxing has given Moffitt’s workflow a major boost, eliminating printing and scanning to save time and reducing paper to enhance the department’s service levels. To hear the full story, check out Moffitt’s webinar, Going Digital: How to Securely Exchange Data Without Fax Machines.

What is Refyne?

Refyne® Cloud fax is Vyne Medical’s digital faxing feature. Refyne’s Cloud Fax system helps healthcare institutions reduce paper and automate manual tasks. Traditional fax is marked by inefficiencies like low resolution, slow transmissions and mountains of paper waiting for the next manual step. The result of using Refyne Cloud Fax? Improved care outcomes, enhanced staff alignment, and money saved quarter after quarter.

Vyne Medical offers integration between Refyne Cloud Fax, our TraceⓇ platform, and your EHR. Faxes can be accessed in real-time across your health system and automatically synced to the patient record using this powerful combination. Plus, by using our auto-indexing functionality to read and translate fax content, converting it into data that can be leveraged for search and seamless exchange, you can automate data entry saving time and money.

At Vyne Medical, our Refyne Cloud Fax product is used to process millions of fax pages annually for hundreds of hospitals across the country. We’re leveraging this expertise to drive an evolution of fax in healthcare.

Faxing Tips from the Experts at Vyne Medical:

  • While you can be sure you’re covered when you’re using the Refyne Cloud Fax system, you can’t always be sure the other party you’re communicating with is secure. Be sure to assess the recipient’s security infrastructure whenever possible. When sending a fax to a recipient, especially someone or an entity you haven’t interacted with extensively in the past, it’s worth exploring whether they have safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access to private patient information.
  • This is a simple step, but one that can be easy to forget: Double check the recipient’s fax number before you send documents. Even if you have the number written down, a quick call to confirm their number, or a message via email is good practice.
  • When sending a fax, include a cover sheet alerting the recipient to the presence of sensitive private patient health information. In the cover sheet, clearly identify the intended recipient of the fax. A confidentiality notice should be included as well, indicating the information contained in the fax is privileged and that any unintended recipients should contact you directly and not use the information accidentally sent to them in any manner.

Take your fax workflow to the next level. For more information about Vyne Medical’s digital fax solutions, visit or contact us to schedule a call with one of our healthcare solution experts today.


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