How Technology Can Reshape Communication and Efficiency in Healthcare

Healthier communication, healthier outcomes

Many healthcare providers resort to ineffective approaches when communicating vital patient information. Using slips of paper or informal conversations to track tasks or reminders leads to breakdowns in communication, compromises data security, and creates ambiguity regarding task ownership.

According to the National Library of Medicine (NLM), “effective communication is vital as it is related with favorable health outcomes such as increased patient satisfaction, compliance, and overall health status.” Whereas “poor communication can result in various outcomes, such as decreased adherence to treatment, patient dissatisfaction, and inefficient use of resources.”

The NLM also highlights that 80% of healthcare data remains unstructured and unused. This data potentially contains crucial patient information, and when left ignored, unsaved, or abandoned, adversely impacts patient care. To ensure high-quality services, health systems must actively leverage this data to gain deeper insights, leading to improved quality of care and better outcomes. When health systems adopt innovative software platforms  to connect disconnected data, they experience substantial savings in both costs and time.

Modernizing healthcare operations for unparalleled efficiency

With the availability of advanced technology and patient-centric tools for handling disconnected data and assigned tasks, it is time for health systems to modernize their operations for greater efficiency, replacing slips of paper or informal conversations and repetitive manual tasks with structured, technologically advanced platforms.

A leading workflow tool for connecting disconnected data and enhancing communication

As a leading workflow tool for handling disparate communication transactions, including voice, fax, document, and image, the Trace® platform from Vyne Medical® is a solution built for healthcare. Harnessing practical automation, Trace integrates with your EMR and most third-party systems, automatically capturing and linking various communication transactions to the patient record, making content from virtually any medium available enterprise wide. The Trace platform’s consolidation of disparate data into a digital repository provides health system employees with effortless access to essential information with the ability to search using patient account numbers, document types, or any custom field.  Additionally, Trace’s intelligent document processing drastically reduces the need for manual, time-consuming tasks, cutting document processing time from 5.1 minutes to seconds while enhancing reliability and precision.

As a centralized solution for connecting data and saving teams time, Trace also helps you better serve your patients by enhancing communication across the enterprise. Health systems can easily foster transparency among departments by providing real-time visibility into the ongoing tasks, transactions, and worklists across all teams, minimizing the need for relying on scraps of paper and hallway conversations to track the progress of assignments.

Unlock your healthcare system’s potential and join 800+ thriving hospitals and healthcare systems

Ready to learn more? Connect with a Vyne Medical® data integration professional today and learn how you can join 800+ thriving hospitals and healthcare systems currently utilizing the power of the Trace platform.

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