Moffitt Cancer Center's Work-from-Home Criteria

An important piece of a successful work-from-home program is establishing criteria that clearly define requirements for program eligibility and participation. Consider factors such as employee tenure, office set-up and technology needs. Incorporate criteria into telework agreements, and ensure that remote employees have a full understanding of all requirements. For an example of work-from-home criteria established at Moffitt Cancer Center:

  1. Upgraded internet service; minimum of 50 MBPS upload and download
  2. At or exceeding 100% productivity (productivity metric can exceed 100%) in previous 3 months
  3. At or exceeding 90% quality (quality metrics top out at 100%) in previous 3 months
  4. X months in the position with no disciplinary action (write-ups) in this timeframe [we started at 12, but now it is depending on the nature of the role and can be less]
  5. A desk and task chair (photo of space is sent in)
  6. The ability to isolate work area from other household noise and not be heard by others in the household (e.g., can close a door)
  7. Must be able to silence dogs, doorbells, etc.
  8. Others in the home cannot require the employee for care (hands-on childcare/eldercare)
  9. Ability to work independently, including technical confidence with equipment and knowledge of assigned duties within revenue cycle
  10. Able to travel to the office up to once a week for meetings, training, etc. (however, it is more typically once a month)
  11. Must keep IM and Email launched while working (IM will show when they are ‘away’ from the computer for any extended time)