Productive Health Care Systems Nationwide Need Interoperability

Seamless integration that helps reduce risk and improves communication

Vyne MedicalⓇ’s seamless integration with most major existing Electronic Health Record (EHR)  and Healthcare Information System platforms creates a complete overall solution–one that can help remove manual work and reduce potential mistakes.  This integration facilitates the quick transmission of images and voice file links between systems, which make Vyne Medical’s solutions optimized for fax, voice, and other data management and can help solve communication problems.

Demonstrating superior integration with existing  EHR systems in 800+ hospital and healthcare systems nationwide, Vyne Medical’s proven solutions transcend the competition by focusing on useful tools that other system partners may lack and incorporating specific technical workflows that help organizations operate more efficiently and generate more revenue.

Specializing in healthcare-specific technical solutions

Other platforms that partner with EHR systems may not specialize in healthcare and lack the technical solutions for the market.  This often results in costs going beyond the anticipated sticker price of the product, while the TraceⓇ platform promotes revenue productivity through technical solutions that:

  • Auto-index records
  • Help deliver higher ROI
  • Generate workflow solutions for your entire organization
  • Create interfacing with your existing software through built-in interoperability

Vyne Medical has tools other EHR system partners lack

Various tasks such as auto-dialing, fax confirmations, and text reminders can be automated in the Trace platform, and a patient portal that consolidates and centralizes easily accessible content from virtually any medium makes communication effective and efficient.  In addition, most EHR system partners are missing Trace’s upgraded user interface that enables access to new and improved functionality and an enhanced user experience. By including useful tools that other EHR system partners may lack, Vyne Medical’s trusted solutions help healthcare systems reduce errors and increase productivity.

Vyne Medical can make your EHR and other applications better, faster, and cheaper.  Request a meeting today to empower your team through our innovative solutions.

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