The Whole New World of Digital Fax

At Vyne Medical, we know fax. Our solutions are used to process millions of fax pages annually for hundreds of hospitals across the country. But as we enter a new decade, we are thinking about fax in a new way. Fax is no longer the grainy, illegible image delivered slowly across a phone line to a clunky machine in the workroom.

Did you know, in fact, that faxes can be sent in full color and at a resolution high enough for even diagnostic images to be read? They can be delivered in seconds instead of minutes and with full end-to-end encryption from start to finish.

Health information such as orders, history and physicals, authorizations, etc. can all be delivered through encrypted exchange networks, helping to eliminate HIPAA privacy concerns. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can convert content into text, making fax data searchable and accessible for sharing.

When we think of fax in digital terms, it becomes an entirely new form of communication. At Vyne Medical, this is what we like to call the evolution of fax. And we’re excited to show health systems how it can transform time consuming, error-prone processes into automated, efficient workflows.

Our digital faxing solutions include features that drive daily workflow and automate manual tasks. This expedites activities like faxing medical documentation, moving records between systems and linking voice recordings to the patient record.

Our integration tools connect health information systems to eliminate paper and provide access to data where and when it’s needed. The impact is greater efficiency, lower costs and reallocation of resources to areas where they’re needed most.

At Moffitt Cancer Center, Vyne’s digital faxing solutions have been used to transform the financial clearance unit, which processes approximately 10,000 faxed preauthorization requests each week. All faxes go to a single number and are accessible electronically to the entire team. Automated worklists simplify teamwork, making it easy to divide and shift work between members. After processing, authorizations are sent automatically to the patient record through an integration between Vyne and the center’s EHR. This ensures that the EHR and incoming faxes are in sync, reducing the need to view fax data through a different application.

Digital faxing has given Moffitt’s workflow a major boost, eliminating printing and scanning to save time, reduce paper and enhance the department’s service levels. To hear the full story, check out Moffitt’s recent webinar, Going Digital: How to Securely Exchange Data Without Fax Machines.

We would love to talk with you about how digital faxing can complement your existing processes and take your workflow to the next level. For more information about Vyne Medical’s digital fax solutions, visit or contact us to schedule a call with one of our healthcare solution experts today.


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