Trace: Auto Reconciliation

Auto Reconciliation.

It’s a big, fancy word for a new feature that will make your process much simpler!


Now you can automatically tie Trace records to the patient visit – even before the patient is registered – without any searching or manual indexing.

Typically, a given patient encounter (visit) does not get created until the patient is registered for the procedure(s) associated with a visit. However, calls or documents related to the patient are frequently occurring in advance of the scheduled visit, often far in advance. If you’re a Trace user, these communications are being captured in Trace. Once the registration is complete, users add patient data manually, then search for the related documentation, and manually reconcile them to the associated visit, one record at a time.

What if this could occur without any manual process? What would that do for your staff experience and productivity? Did you know that it’s possible to collect all that data, and tie it to the patient without the manual lift? Auto-reconciliation removes the manual work by applying the visit-level data to Trace records automatically when the patient registers or pre-registers, with no need to search for records or complete any manual steps.


How it works

There are two options to make this work with your current Trace product installation.


Scenario A: Your facility’s integration team adds a field to your EHR software to capture a tracking number during patient or visit creation. Trace integration partners with your team to add code in the HL7 channel that looks for the tracking number in the registration message when Trace receives it from your system. This option does not require you to change your workflow or even index to patients ahead of the visit, because all of the visit data is added to the specific tracking number automatically without the need to look for a match.


Scenario B: Trace partners with your team to set up a specific custom field to capture the expected visit date, and you index to this field as well as other patient-level data once you have it (patient name, MRN, DOB). A background task in Trace periodically searches through all indexed records to find those that match these 4 parts of the registration message when Trace receives it from your system. Any records that meet the indexing criteria for the registration messages received will have the visit data added to the records automatically.



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