Workflow Assessments Offer Insights for Productivity Improvement

To effectively set goals for productivity improvement, revenue cycle leaders need an accurate baseline from which to drive team efforts. It can be challenging, however, to know how long revenue cycle tasks can or should take. By setting accurate benchmarks, providers can make more informed decisions about staffing, resources and technology investments.

Simplify, Connect and Streamline

Vyne Medical is helping healthcare clients with these important decisions through our workflow assessment program. Through workflow assessments, our solutions team leverages its depth and breadth of expertise, experience and best practice guidance to assist clients in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

“We love partnering with providers to discover new ways of leveraging technology to simplify, connect and streamline their workflows,” said Tim Hoskins, senior director of solutions architecture at Vyne Medical. “Optimizing workflow means improving efficiency and ultimately, improving outcomes. And that is always our end goal in working with clients.”

Reduce Effort, Improve Efficiency

To date, the Vyne Medical solutions team has conducted thousands of workflow assessments for hundreds of clients across a range of healthcare processes such as scheduling, authorization, registration, system integration, and quality improvement. By following assessment recommendations, clients are often able to eliminate a portion of their inefficient activities, significantly reducing work effort and improving their revenue cycle operations.

At Wellstar Health System, Vyne Medical conducted multiple workflow assessments as part of the system’s rollout of the company’s Trace® platform. The assessments include departmental workflow diagrams, decision trees mapping ways that each application would be employed, and best practices to be applied in the process. “The workflow assessment was extremely helpful for our schedulers,” said Julie Shantha, an application analyst with Wellstar. “It was exceptionally valuable information presented in a clear, easily understood manner that helped us better understand the process.”

Client Assessment and Recommendation

To initiate an assessment, the Vyne solutions team conducts a detailed analysis of the existing workflow used to support a particular use case such as patient scheduling. We collect information, conduct interviews with client team members related to the current process, and build a workflow analysis based on the collected data. The analysis quantifies the steps, systems, hand-offs, clicks, and minutes involved in completing the process in its current state.

The next step provides recommendations for applying technology to automate and streamline processes, thereby reducing the steps and time needed to complete routine tasks. These recommendations include automation to reduce repetitive, time-consuming tasks and integration to connect data across systems and departments. The optimized workflow is documented and provided to the client’s leadership/project team, along with an executive readout for review and consideration.

The completed assessment is a valuable asset used for reference in pre-sale evaluation, go-live support and ongoing staff training. With the assessment in hand, providers gain valuable insights into tangible opportunities to drive productivity, as well as clear steps to streamlining workflow through automation and the reduction of manual effort. This arms leaders with the data they need to make strategic decisions to improve both operations and outcomes.

Are you a current or prospective client interested in a workflow assessment? Please contact us, and one of our team members will be in touch to discuss.


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