Case Study

Cloud Fax Reduces IT Burden for Large Health System


For many health systems, the means of communicating referrals, authorizations and records remain outdated. Fax machines prove problematic as they are unable to retrieve data past a specific time and often make it difficult to find documents the staff need.

At one large academic health system, the fax server would crash multiple times each week, leaving the system down and often requiring several hours to catch back up. This compounded data management workflows that were already tedious.


The health system needed an interface that would automate the push of records to the EHR while also eradicating the need for those pesky physical fax machines. Enter Vyne Medical’s cloud fax technology, which enabled the health system to replace its physical fax machines and move all data over to the Trace® platform.

With Trace, information is electronic, eliminating the exchange of physical paper documents resulting in better auditing. All fax data can be easily searched and located using patient name, account number or any other custom indexing field.

“Cloud fax is allowing us to eliminate literally thousands of physical fax machines, as well as our on-site server,” said an IT leader. “Moving all our fax data to the cloud eliminates server downtime, monitoring and maintenance, and reduces the tickets coming into IT.”

The cloud fax infrastructure is a real-time network featuring no inbound busy signals. The queue length for outbound faxing is typically in the 5-30 second range, helping to ensure that time-sensitive healthcare-specific fax workflows such as notification of admissions, authorizations and stat orders are sent out immediately, reducing backlogs.


With more than 240 teams on the Trace platform, the workflow at this health system has greatly improved. Faxes are now centrally located on a shared drive and pushed to the EHR, making it easier to track down documents when and where they’re needed.

The health system has resolved their issues with the physical fax server and no longer have to wait for faxes to clear after a jam or crash. The new technology has reduced redundant solutions, relieved the burden on their IT department and streamlined their workflow.



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