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Vyne Medical® works with more than 800 satisfied hospital and health system clients nationwide.


Be part of the 800+ satisfied Trace clients

Wonder who’s using the Trace platform and how it’s working for them? The Trace solution is used by a growing base of more than 800 active hospital and healthcare system clients nationwide. Anywhere communications are happening, whether in-person, on the phone, via fax or on a screen, the Trace platform provides convenient access to critical healthcare communication for improved financial performance, physician/staff alignment, patient experience, compliance and patient safety/quality.  We have countless case studies, executive guides, and testimonials sharing the successes of health systems using the Trace platform.

Workflow improvements that add quantifiable value

Efficiencies make everyone happy. With Trace software, managers can see improvements in performance in ways that show up on the bottom line (and ways that don’t). Users are met with time-saving workflows and better communications handling. The Trace software allows managers and front-end staff to succeed in ways that make directors and the c-suite happy and successful.

Learn how hospitals and healthcare systems across the US are using the Trace platform.


The Trace solution can be used anywhere communications are happening and it’s an especially great fit for departments that impact the Revenue Cycle. Teams including patient access, call centers, the business office, scheduling, authorizations, denial management utilization review and financial counseling are just a few of the key user groups that find the Trace platform valuable in their daily work.

Additionally, we have many clients expanding the use of the Trace platform across their organizations with much success. Most recently, our work-from-home solutions have fit the needs for organizations as they transitioned teams from office to remote work due to the pandemic. Emergency departments, pharmacies, labs, case management teams, physician offices, out-patient clinics, and surgery centers are also seeing the value of the Trace solution. Anywhere there’s patient information communicated on paper or by voice, the Trace solution can add value.

Integration is key to client success

The Trace platform works with your existing systems – and makes them better. In fact, the Trace software readily integrates with most major electronic health record (EHR) and communication system platforms including Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, Meditech, Rightfax, Cisco, and many others.

Any communication captured in the Trace software – voice, fax, document or image – can be digitized and easily shared with any other system in your facility through Trace Integration. All information is sent securely, protecting sensitive health information and improving HIPAA compliance.


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