Submit supporting claim documentation electronically with FastAttach®

Switch to electronic documentation submissions to payers and health plans and participate in the esMD program.

Electronic supporting claim documentation yields faster claims payments, fewer denials and reduced administrative costs.

Identifying audit risks as well as gaps in processes that create unnecessary paperwork are key areas for improvement in most healthcare organizations. The FastAttach software facilitates the electronic exchange of supporting documentation enabling healthcare organizations to transmit an unlimited number of documents in support of electronic medical claims – leading to faster claims payments, fewer denials, and reduced administrative costs.

How does it work?

Create an electronic envelope for supporting documentation

No more lugging stacks of records from place to place for shipping in response to claims denials. Instead, the FastAttach software can be used to “package” your documentation in an “electronic envelope” and simply transmit all of the information required to adjudicate a claim in a more secure, trackable manner with just a few clicks.

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Improve your bottom line, speed-up audit responses and eliminate manual paper processes for claim adjudication.

Waste less paper, see fewer denials, and experience faster reimbursements with FastAttach. Find out how you can participate in the esMD Program to submit documentation electronically for Medicare claims and improve response times.

Submit supporting claim documentation electronically with FastAttach


The FastAttach software features electronic attachment connectivity to a growing list of healthcare plans and payers. Check out our Payer List and see the payers we're connected with.


The FastAttach software is compatible with many practice management and EHR systems as well as most claims clearinghouses. Contact us to find out how easy it is to integrated FastAttach into your claim workflows.

Reduce claim processing times with FastAttach

Receiving and responding to medical record requests continue to be one of the main contributors to lengthy claim processing delays and denials for providers. Health plan requests for supporting documentation can delay the processing pre- and post-payment reviews.

With the FastAttach software, providers can easily import documents using a variety of acquisition methods to submit supporting documentation more efficiently.

  • Scanned images
  • Print capture
  • Screen capture
  • Direct upload
  • File import
  • Mobile device capture through FastKapture®

View our connections for electronic document submission through FastAttach.

What is FastKapture?

Whether you need to send supporting documentation to a payer or submit esMD audits to Medicare, Vyne has you covered with the FastKapture patented image capture application for mobile devices.

The FastKapture smartphone application seamlessly integrates with the FastAttach software to simplify the task of medical image capture and transmission. Images are not stored on the mobile device, reducing the risk of compromised protected health information. This convenient mobile app allows you to use the camera on your portable smartphone or tablet to securely capture and send indexed medical images and documents to Vyne Medical’s information exchange engine. Images are not stored in the device gallery or SIM card.

FastKapture Allows You To:

  • Capture, index and transmit documents and images from your mobile device 
  • Provide more secure document and image capture and transmission 
  • Eliminate the need for a scanner
  • Access images online 24/7 through your existing FastAttach account 

FastKapture is a free app that works with Apple and Android devices including smartphones, iPads and tablets.

Get started today using the FastKapture app to simplify document capture for your organization.

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